Friday, 16 December 2011

The Sun Has Come Out In More Ways Than One

And They Sinned

I was pleased with the progress on ATS yesterday. I just love the colours. The Cobbler Berry and Tarnished Gold coloured  sun is appearing from behind a cloud on AST and the sun has appeared here in a deep blue sky.

The forecasted storm missed us last night and we have woken to a beautiful, fresh day with magnificent roaring seas. If you are reading this when it is daylight in the UK you can check out the webcam.

This is the first morning for several days that we have not had any electrical problems. Full marks go to the engineers who have been repairing the power cables.

I have been out in the garden checking for storm damage. My favourite trees have escaped.

We call this one the wishing tree as I like to sit under it to think.

Trewoon Poldhu Cove

This one stands guard over Trewoon.

Trewoon Poldhu Cove
They are both 100 years old next year.

Other parts of the garden have not faired so well and we have lots of debris to clear up. Yesterday Poppy was out with Ron our gardener helping him.

Poppy loves to play ball with Ron. The game consists of her putting the ball down and waiting for him to pick it up and then she will try and grab it before he can.  If he ignores her she will put it down on the area he is working and then go between his legs to wait. He has endless patience and this game can go on for hours.

The reed beds in the cove are saturated with the rainfall.

Reed Beds
Poldhu Cove Mullion

These reeds beds are going to be home any day now for murmurations of starlings.

Poldhu Cove Mullion

The sea is at its magnificent best today and the waves are pounding in. They look so small up here at Trewoon but if you go down onto the beach they are huge.

Poppy and Blue have enjoyed being out today and have had great fun playing.

We have three visitors today, my son's dogs, Cassie, Abbie and Whellie. As I write my post they are sat at my feet with Blue.

My husband has been unwell for the last two weeks (some sort of virus) so we haven't been playing golf but he is feeling much better today and we are now going out for lunch at the golf club. The food there is delicious, I hope that they have fish on the menu today but it is possible that the fishing boats have not been out due to the weather. They are certain to have a wickedly fattening desert though. 

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore 

Nicola xxx