Saturday, 31 December 2011

A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other

And They Sinned

Progress on ATS has been slower the last two days due to family commitments. I am still enjoying the project, the colours are so vibrant that I look forward to seeing each figure/motif evolving as I stitch.  I just love the fence below the bottomless men (!)

Last night my son Chris and his fiance Kate came to supper. It was a very enjoyable night and as we ate in the breakfast room the room was filled not only with the heat from the AGA but from the warmth of our love. I am sure that I am gaining a daughter not losing a son. 2012 is going to be an important year for them as they get married in April.

Handmade Decorative Books - Sue Roddis Search Press

I wanted to share with you another thoughtful present my DH gave me at Christmas (he did VERY well this year). It is a book about making decorative books by Sue Roddis.

Handmade Decorative Books - Sue Roddis Search Press

The projects and the finishing methods could so easily be used with to make embroidered fabric books.

Handmade Decorative Books - Sue Roddis Search Press

I must find some time between my BAP's to do one or two.

We welcomed a couple yesterday to The Chocolate Box who had come to Cornwall to celebrate their engagement and plan their wedding. It is so nice to think that they are here in one of our holiday cottages planning their future.

The Chocolate Box, Poldhu Cove, Lizard, Cornwall
A Luxury Holiday Cottage with Sea Views

The Chocolate Box is such a romantic place to stay, just before Christmas Flavio proposed to Nicola in the cottage. We have one couple who regularly come to stay, they became engaged with us, honeymooned  here and each year celebrate their anniversary in the cottage.

We welcome to Rest-a-Shore this afternoon a lady who has come to Cornwall to recuperate after an illness. The sea air will do her good.

Rest-a-Shore, Poldhu Cove, Lizard, Cornwall
A Luxury Holiday Cottage with Sea Views

This is the view from the bedroom window. It will be nice for her to rest in bed an enjoy looking down onto the cove.

Tonight I will be drawing two names from the "hat" for my giveaway so I am going to spend this afternoon printing off and folding the names ready for 11.00pm this evening.

Good luck to everyone I wish that you could all win.

I am so glad that I plucked up courage this year to start my own blog after following other blogs for nearly two years.   It has given me a "boost" and added something special to my days. A big thank you to each and everyone of you who are following my posts and who take the time to comment.

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx