Monday, 12 January 2015

Bare branches of each tree on this chilly January morn look so cold so forlorn

As I sat down to bring my blog up to date I looked out of the window and saw such a wintery, blowy day. This poem came to mind.

Bare branches of each tree
on this chilly January morn
look so cold so forlorn.
Gray skies dip ever so low
left from yesterday's dusting of snow.
Yet in the heart of each tree
waiting for each who want to see
new life as warm sun and breeze will blow
like magic, unlock springs sap to flow,
buds, new leaves, then blooms will grow.

Our days are already getting longer and there is so much to look forward to as 2015 unfolds.

Elizabeth Cox from The Scarlet Letter

Since my last post Elizabeth Cox has been finished and hung. To mark in my own way Remembrance Sunday I added many poppies to her and dedicated the sampler to two uncles who lost their lives in WW2, sadly fighting on opposite sides.

Miss Cox was a big learning curve.

She has, however, flung open the doors to many more samplers.

It is hard to choose a favorite section but the red house was great fun to watch grow.

Stem stitch creates such a wonderful background.

My "main" current project I am unable to show at the present time. It is a beauty and I am very excited to be stitching "her". I will share her with you properly as soon as I can.

In the meantime here are two sneak peaks that were revealed to Our Scarlet Letter Years.

 I can show you Mary Hurst which is the 2015  Group Learning Project  for our Scarlet Letter Years.

Band 6 Mary Hurst by The Scarlet Letter

I have 183 eyelets to start and end individually on this Band.

If you are interested in stitching Mary Hurst or would just like to follow the tutorials you can access my stitching notes HERE 

The links are updated each week as further bands are explored.

They will take you step by step through the various bands. If you wish to stitch her you will need to purchase the chart but there is nothing stopping you having a go at some of the specialty stitches on a doodle cloth.

A dreaded stitch for most is detached buttonhole and I have not actually stitched a sampler yet that has this in. I sat down yesterday evening and had a practice, taking photographs along the way.

Detached Buttonhole Stitch

I have used Mary Corbet's wonderful video as reference

If anyone reading this blog post has experience of this stitch I would be interest to hear from you with any words of advice.

Tips and tricks can make a big difference to how we stitch and a very BIG part of blogging and sharing via social media is learning from each other.

Recently Barbara Hutson (whose satin stitches are perfection) shared one with me which I used last night.

Thank you Barbara.

Archie had his second birthday on January 2nd. He is such a busy little chap and loves nothing more than to be helping on the farm. He will follow the farm manager around all day with his wellington boots and cute bright green waterproof dungarees on.

The beauty of The Lizard Peninsular never fails to fill me with awe and we have managed to get out walking most days in all types of weather.

Poldhu Cove, The Lizard

The holidays saw us in demand and we buzzed around the country staying with various family members. We were back home for Christmas Day with a wonderful coastal walk and an afternoon spent constructing (and I do mean constructing) a bright red shiny kitchen set for Archie.

New Year's Eve saw us partying the night away with dear friends at the golf club

Ray, Nicola, Sue

I think we all found muscles the next day that hadn't been used for sometime. We blame the DJ who played "our" sort of music.

John, Kathryn, Tony

If anyone would like to contact me about joining Our Scarlet Letters Years group or to stitch Mary Hurst please email. There is an email link top right hand corner of my blog.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Three Amazing Giveaways - Millennium Frame, 60 Kelmscott Designsstitchers accessories and $50 Scarlet Letter gift certificate

Elizabeth Cox is finished and hung. I am delighted with her.

We have been having some cold weather at Poldhu Cove (well cold for Cornwall) and with clear skies the stars have been fascinatng to look up at.

I have used stars on my Christmas trees this year for the holiday cottage rentals

All our visitors this year are adults so rather than the traditional floor standing trees I thought to go with elegant and contemporary using the theme of gold, diamonds and pearls. I wonder if the theme will continue with the presents to go with the trees :o))

Ray has been away for nearly a fortnight and Blue and Poppy have been keeping an eye open for his return. We all missed him but now he and all his laundry are home.

Followers of my blog will be familiar with another blog I am involved with - Our Scarlet Letter Years. This group now has a Facebook Page and over 1100 members.

It is well worth checking out the Facebook group. In December we have three wonderful giveaways

1. A $50 gift certificate for the Scarlet Letter.

2. A Millennium Frame.

3. THE "KELMSCOTT" TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS where we have SIXTY of their stitchers accesories to be won.

2015 is going to be a fun year for the group with lots of group acitivites - we already have in place  a group SAL for these four samplers starting January 1st

This SAL is being led by Krista of Just Stitching Along. All four samplers are cross stitch and you can stitch just one, some or all.

We also have "Mastering Mary - A Group Learning Project" where we will be working through step by step a sampler with specialiity stitches. There will be lots of stitch tutorials, analysis and studying of motifs and bands. If you have wanted to stitch a band sampler that is outside your comfort zone this is a great learning opportunity.

The sampler chosen for the Group Learning Project is Mary Hurst. She is difficult to photograph in one so below are several photos of some of her bands. She measures 6.75" (w) x 32.50" (h).

Thank you to Bethany Gallant for allowing me to use photos of her stitched Mary Hurst.

I would like to wish all my followers and readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. May Santa bring you lots of stitching treasures to add to your stash.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

November Check In

Winter has gently arrived on the Lizard Peninsuar after a long and glorious summer. Certainly one to remember fondly.

I like all the seasons for varying reasons and for me one of the attractions of winter (athough it can also be a down side) are the wild storms we experience. Sat tucked up safe and warm in Trewoon with a warm drink, the log burner and my stitching it is so exhilarating watching the sea toss and turn with big waves crashing onto the cove below.

This rosy picture is imagined before storm season - during or after a bad storm I will be looking forward to the return of summer.

Winter nights usually bring wonderful sunsets and  more stitching time and I have so many projects stacking up. I wish you could put more stitching time on your list for Santa !!!

Elizabeth Cox - Scarlet Letter

My current project is Elizabeth Cox which I put to one side to work on the model of Eleanor Parr. 

I had intended to stitch a hardanger/drawn thread project before picking her back up but she was calling so loudly to me so only a little progress has been made on Ivory Blush by Judy Dixon

My other current project is a heavily appliqued quilt, a few blocks have been stitched. Excuse the sags and creases but it has been pinned very quickly onto my design board.

The fun part will come after the quilt has been top quilted and then I can get really creative with embellishments which will include beads, buttons, ribbons, vintage lace, minature pegs and even some string for a washing line. Such fun !!!

I have acquired a few antique samplers this year including the Calcutt pair - both stitched by Lucy aged 8 and 9.

There is so much that appeals with these. I do hope that they will be reproduced.

I have just started the American Sampler by Sandy Orton which will be my weekend project so not much progress to show. 

The American Sampler - Sandy Orton

I am afraid I do not have any photos to include on this post of my walks on the Lizard. It's a long story but I lost the entire contents of a camera card.

I have been using Facebook more lately as a weekly check in on stitching projects so please send me a friend request if you are active on Facebook.