Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Lazy Saturday

I love the weekends and the peace that they bring. I never feel guilty if I stitch rather than do chores.

Work progressed slowly on The Lace Garden yesterday, sometimes it goes like that. Hopefully I will make better progress today.

The Lace Garden by Cols Creation
 I had an email from the framers yesterday to say that they were having problems sourcing mounts big enough for A Dutch Beauty and whilst they could get the size not in the colours that I had chosen.

I went back to them today to look at the colours but they did nothing for the sampler so I have elected to forgo a mount. The ornate frame didn't look right without a mount so I have chosen another plainer frame. The wrong frame can spoil a sampler, hopefully it will look fine.

I have received in the post some photos taken by one of our visitors whilst here on holiday.

Poldhu Cove

Dollar Cove

He is a very gifted photographer.

I took the Poppy and Blue to Dollar Cove yesterday and was looking at the patterns in the rocks, I could see some free style embroidery  ideas forming.

Dollar Cove

As this is the last year my son will be at Trewoon on a daily basis 2011 is the last time we are sharing advent as a family. This year I have filled some little gift boxes with chocolates. They are so sweet.

I have put them on the dresser in the breakfast room

As I have some baubles left over from the trees I have put them in a vase and put a wreath around the vase. I am pleased with the arrangement and have put it on a coffee table.

The next on my "to do" list for Christmas is the wrapping :( :(  I have tidied my work table in the sewing room ready to start but I need to find all my supplies that I sourced throughout the year. I often buy things in advance and put them away and can't remember where ! 

I want 2012 to be a year of learning new needle skills so I have signed up for TAST 2012 and  John Waddell's Kimono Revisited which is a twelve month course through The Shining Needle Society

It's a large kimono design based on an outline created originally by Maggie Lane.  I have chosen a different colour scheme and have ordered my supplies. I will post a photograph of them as soon as they arrive.

TAST and the Kimono are the first classes that I will have participated in.

The sun is now shining after a night and morning of rain so I am going to take Poppy and Blue for a quick walk then hopefully an afternoon of uninterrupted stitching. BLISS.

I have been thrilled with the comments left. Thank you so much.

Warm wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore

Nicola xxx