Monday, 12 December 2011

Don't Look Now

I am so excited, the framers have just telephoned as I sat down to write my post and A Dutch Beauty is ready. Woo hoooooooo !!!!

Will post some photos tomorrow hopefully of it hanging on the wall.

I thought that I would share with you a Flower Garden Pillow Tutorial that I came across in the summer. Kellie of Don't Look Now has designed some gorgeous quilts that are so bright and pretty.

It was a perfect project to use up some very small scraps of fabric that I had. They were so small that I couldn't think of anything else to use them for. I even used an old bed sheet for the background fabric

Flower Garden Pillow - Don't Look Now

Flower Garden Pillow - Don't Look Now

Flower Garden Pillow - Don't Look Now

Flower Garden Pillow - Don't Look Now

Blue had to get in on the act as well

We woke this morning to winter sunshine but as the day has gone on you can feel that there is a big storm coming. I hope that there will not be too much damage. All the hatches are battened down.

View of Poldhu Cove from Trewoon Poldhu Cove

You can see the storm clouds gathering.

We didn't make it out for a walk yesterday so Poppy, Blue and our visitor Abbie had to make do with ball games in our garden.

We keep a section of the garden semi wild and this provides a home for badgers , foxes, rabbits, stoats and lots of different birds.   

This also provides a home for the birds that live here. We so enjoy the birds singing in the garden.

The semi wild garden at Trewoon Poldhu Cove

We have three badgers who visit us every night for peanuts. They come right up to the french doors to feed, it is fascinating to watch them. This is the little one.

Badgers at Trewoon Poldhu Cove

I think that I will now settle down for some stitching on And They Sinned.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx