Thursday, 1 December 2011

Finally Finished

Hurrah :) I have finally finished A Dutch Beauty

Dutch Beauty by Permin

It seems to have taken forever, I started it in August and finished it yesterday evening.

I took it to the framers today and spent ages umming and arring over which frame. Normally I opt for plain frames but felt that this derserved something more ornate and in keeping with the period.

This made it harder to choose but I hope the frame will compliment the piece. I will post a picture when it is back and hung.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Millie's passing. Millie was my first boxer and she was such a special girl. We lost her at five and a half to a brain tumor. It broke our hearts.

This is Millie at a dog show intently watching other dogs in the ring. 

Millie could sleep just about anywhere. Here she is in the office with Poppy on the floor.

I stitched Moira Blackburn's - Peaceful Is My Garden Contentment Is My Lot to celebrate Millie's short life.

Peaceful Is My Garden by Moira Blackburn

This was very true of Millie, she was at her happiest when her family were happy and with her and she loved the garden here at Trewoon. She is buried in a lovely spot that enjoys the sun and overlooking the cove.

I changed Moira's design to personalise it for Millie.

The weather is still unsettled here and it is a very grey, wet day. Here is a picture I took yesterday while walking Poppy and Blue. It was so windy and bleak that I didn't meet a sole out.

We are trying to identify a bird spotted on the cliffs  but have had no joy. If you know what it is please let me know as we and other local bird watchers are curious to know.

Poppy and Blue are patiently waiting for their walk so I am going to brave the rain and then settle down to another afternoon of stitching.

Warm wishes from Sticthing By A Cornish Sea Shore

Nicola xxx