Friday 9 December 2011

Too Much Stitching Is .........

NOT ENOUGH  !!   How true, there are just not enough hours to do all the projects I want.

Too Much Stitching - Primrose Needleworks

These little robins match the colours in this piece so well.

The Lace Garden is progressing nicely.

The Lace Garden - Cols Creations

The Lace Garden - Cols Creations

I will soon be starting my big project. I intended that to be Victoria Sampler's Alphabet Series but I am now having second thoughts. I need a second cross stitch project for a competition I am entering next year, my first entry is A Dutch Beauty.

After studying the pattern for the Alphabet Series I think that this will fall into the embroidery category rather than cross stitch. I already have both my entries done for the embroidery class.

I am thinking that I ought to start And They Sinned as that will be a good competition piece.

What to do ?

I am very pleased with the Lowery stand. It is very stable and easily adjustable and I would recommend it. I am having problems with using a roller frame. I just can't seem to get the tension right with the fabric. I have been using a snap frame instead and the stand holds that very well.

If anyone has some good tips or even know of a tutorial about setting up a roller frame and maintaining tension in the fabric please let me know.

It is a beautiful mild, sunny day at Trewoon, too nice to be indoors.

Pwhelli - "Wellie"

This is Wellie one of my son's dogs which he bred. The badgers who visit our garden each night have dug this hole.

Wellie and my son's other two dogs are with us today. Five dogs !!! Too many but it is only for the day. Poppy is on the mend and is enjoying having the other dogs to play with.  

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore

Nicola xxx