Thursday 4 April 2013

A finish and giveaway results

Jane Atkinson - Scarlet Letter

Jane is finished but this is not the final photo. Somehow I have managed to delete it from my phone and she is now at the framers so will post again when she is back. I made many changes from the original and finally I have a "aide de memoire" for our wedding date. We can never remember the year but now it will be looking us in the face.

The winner of the Keep Me chart my Moira Blackburn is Vickie of A Stitcher's Story. Well done Vickie, please can you email me your postal address.

I want this blog to be positive so will only mention once that MIL passed away. It was a peaceful passing and a blessing.

We have been busy with a badger rescue. For the last several weeks one of the badgers that feeds in the gardens has had an injured foot/leg and was unable to put it to the ground.

I contacted Cornwall Badger Rescue and they advised that badgers often cut their paws or damage a claw when digging for worms etc., and that we needed to give it some time to see if it would heal by itself. I have been in weekly contact with them and on Tuesday night they came out to trap it.

We have several badgers that visit and we had to get the right one. They advised that if the badger's leg was broken they would have to destroy it as it would be suffering. I offered to pay for the veterinary bills and care whilst its leg set but apparently it would not be possible to return it to the wild after a prolonged absence as it would be attacked by the other badgers.

It was with much worry that we watched the trap being set. At 9.00pm the right badger arrived and after some sniffing went into the trap. The two person team dashed from their vehicle and quickly transferred the badger into a cage and covered it with a blanket.

It was taken to a 24/7 veterinary hospital in Truro and we then had to wait. It was with great relief that at around 11.00pm they telephoned to say that the leg had been broken but sometime ago. It had set crooked and that was why she (it was a girl) could not use it properly. As she was not in any pain and as she was in good condition (9KG) they felt that she could manage in the wild.

She was returned at midnight and very quickly scampered off. I will now make sure that extra food is put out in her feeding spot every night.

I wanted to share with you some photographs that I received from John Wright a very gifted amateur photographer who visits with us. 

John has really captured the mood of the Cove

Here is Porthleven in a storm.

It must be quite scary living in those houses as this is a regular occurrence. Check out the sea wall that has been built to stop the road being swept away.

Building work on the cottage is progressing well but so slowly. Next week I should have some photographs of the interior to show. My own home has been filling up with furniture and accessories for the cottage. It will be a relief to get them into place.

I hope to get back into regular posts and blogging soon.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx