Wednesday 7 December 2011

A Post Man Bearing Gifts

Hooray the post man has been with purchases I made with some money from my parents for Christmas. Still waiting for my wooden stand and frame though.

I have been fancying this stand for sometime. The assembly instructions were well written and it was very easy to put together.

Within a few minutes it was up.

You put the base under the leg of the chair that you are working at. It's very well constructed and I am very pleased. It swings out when you want to get up and you can turn your frame around to work on the back of your fabric. I can highly recommend it.

Also in the post were


I first saw "And They Sinned" on Shiobhan beautiful blog. I failed to source it in the UK and this came from the States. The Blackwork Sampler I spotted when sourcing ATS. It will be an interesting piece to work with all the different of stitches.

I am looking forward to stitching both of them.

Thank you Mum and Dad xxx

I made good progress on The Lace Garden yesterday.

The Lace Garden - Cols Creations

It is a little warmer in Cornwall today. When I went out with Poppy and Blue yesterday it was freezing. The wind was so cold and we got caught in a rain storm. We were all glad to get home and dry off.

We had Poldhu Cove all to ourselves

When I was walking yesterday I had lots of inspiration from the patterns around me

Ripples on a puddle
Dune grass being blown horizontal by strong winds

Surf at Poldhu Cove
I am pleased to say that we have some winter sunshine today so we are now off for our walk.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore
Nicola xxx