Wednesday 9 October 2013

Framed and Hung - The Tableau

"The Tableau" - A combination of The Tablet and The Shepherd and Shepherdess with Jacob Sheep by The Scarlet Letter

I was so excited to pick up The Tableau from the framers this afternoon.

I always prefer my work when it has been stretched and framed. 

Winter is definitely coming, the temperature has dropped since yesterday and when walking Poppy and Blue this afternoon you could feel the chill in the air.

Never mind - sitting in front of the wood burner with needle and thread is the best way to spend a winter's evening.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Elizabethan Treasures - A Finish

An Adaptation of Elizabethan Treasuers by Linda Barry
 I have just finished my take on Elizabethan Treasures by Linda Barry. I have made numerous changes to the design and the thread.

I am sorry about the photographs but it is twilight here and the light outside is poor. The fabric is actually a beautiful rich cream.

I will post better photographs when it is back from the framers.

It was a joy to stitch and it took be about 10 days.

We had relatively good news from the Vets about Poppy. Her heart hasn't got any worse. She is clear of tumors  which is always a worry with boxers. They discovered she has severe arthritis in her neck. We have switched to a harness for walking and it has made a huge and quick change. She starts a course of acupuncture next week which we hope will also help her.

Thank you for all your messages for Poppy.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx

Tuesday 1 October 2013

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

"The Tableau" - A combination of The Tablet and The Shepherd and Shepherdess with Jacob Sheep by The Scarlet Letter

Apologies for my absence but The Scarlet Letter Year blog is keeping me very busy and using up most of my computer time.

I have still been stitching away though. I have had a finish which is at the framers.

I took the border from The Tablet sampler

and then the pictorial section from The Shepherd and Shepherdess with Jacob Sheep

moved the figures around a bit, omitting a sheep and including Poppy and Blue and the Cove where I live.

The verse is not original but has been tweaked slightly.

The added Cupid has been stitched blind as Ray and I turn a blind eye to each other's faults. I also used treasure braid to stitch the flame of love as ours burns strong and bright.

I incorporated two hares prominently into the sampler as they can represent immortality and the gods of love. I hope that our love will be there for eternity.

A third has been stitched as a "shadow" as our love for each other is always there for us in the background of our daily life together.

I am very excited about having this back from the framers and will post a better photo then.

I have put my quilting to one side now that the weather is cooler but before I did I finished the jelly roll quilt

but have had a disaster with my "Sunshine" quilt

Here it is with the binding partially stitched.

After I had basted the quilt I put it to the side of my sewing machine and was digitizing my quilting pattern when I could smell burning and initially and stupidly thought that someone was burning food on their barbecue on the beach. 

The smell became very strong and I realised that it was my quilt that was burning !!!!!

I either had left my applique iron turned on for two days (heavens above !!!) or I turned the iron on when I switched the sewing machine and computer on.

I was left with a huge scorch mark and a small hole.

I decided to applique this cat over the burn with some left over fabric. There are kittens playing on the pink squares so it went with the theme and then I quilted it with paw prints.

I took the quilt to my craft group at the WI and the lady sitting next to me pricked her finger and the blood squirted everywhere including over my quilt !!!

Apparently the best way of removing blood is to use saliva (of the person who's blood it is) on a piece of lint and rub at the mark. Apparently the enzymes break down the blood.

I have completed a quilt for Archie which I hope will be an heirloom for him. It is by American Jane and I must say that Sandy and Stan Klop are a delight to deal with and Sandy's instructions were superb.

The quilt is a first primer story book.

I made a few alterations to the design and used some surplus fabric to make four pineapple blocks.

I quilted it with an abstract sailing boat with some waves and clouds in a variegated thread for the front and a matching red thread for the backing. I thought that there was so much going on with the fabric I did not want it to detract.

I currently have two projects on the go. Elizabeth Simon from The Scarlet Letter

Elizabeth Simon - The Scarlet Letter

The colours are so pretty and the satin stitched petals very effective.

I had an urge to do some drawn thread/hardanger work so have started Elizabethan Treasures by Linda Barry. I am putting in some sparkle though with Krenick Braid and Petite Mill Hill beads.

The fabric is actually a cream and the thread Soie Crystale.

When I have stitched all the panels I will go back over it with some more personalising.

Archie continues to grow  and is such a bright little boy. He enjoyed his holiday in France with his Mummy and Daddy and was very well behaved on the plane.

Ray and I have been doing a fair bit of walking each day.

I can never tire of scenery like this.

Poppy loves wallowing in mud and takes every opportunity to do so.

She hasn't been very well lately and last Thursday had a battery of tests, scans and x-rays. Hopefully we will have good news this week. Fingers crossed.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx

Monday 29 July 2013

Grazing Sheep - The Scarlet Letter

I have been very remiss in blogging and I am quite ashamed to say that Grazing Sheep was finished on June 12th and I am only now getting around to posting about it. 

Time seemed to go so fast when Ray was away, his trip lasted for 9 weeks and 5 days and he thoroughly enjoyed himself despite being plagued by engine problems.

I was kept busy with lots of family visits and Angie from My Quilting Life and Michele from Stitching Cats and Chickens both came for separate visits too.

It was great fun getting to know each other and stitching together. 

I have been enjoying dabbling in glass and have done three courses. The first was a short taster session which I did with my sister and nieces and we made
some fused glass pendants.

The second one I did with Angie and we made coasters, window hangings and scrap glass collages.

Here is my window hanging

With Michele we did some Tiffany Glass work. Here is Michele and our instructor

Michele made a patchwork quilt wall hanging.

I made a mobile.

Tiffany Glass may be something I take up as you do not need a kiln which is require for fused glass.

It has been extremely hot at Poldhu Cove and we had until very recently no rain for weeks on end. Our well is very nearly dry !!!

My current sampler, which I am adoring stitching 

The Tablet Sampler - The Scarlet Letter
has been put to one side. I have been far too hot and sticky to stitch under a daylight lamp and I have been quilting instead. I can always wash a quilt.

I have completely finished two quilts which are ear marked for Christmas presents.

I have a few more on the go

The Robyn Pandolph fabric is so pretty 

This one (Sweeetheart Roses by Quilt Soup) is almost finished. The binding has been machine attached to the front and I am saving the hand sewing to the reverse for my WI craft session on Wednesday.

The backing fabric is so pretty. 

I am waiting on more thread to finish off my French Hearts

The quilting is taking so much and my supplier is now waiting on more from the manufacturers.

This quilt top is for my Father as I thought it quite masculine in colour.

I have had the jelly roll in my stash for ages and could not decide what to do with it, then I saw a video clip on youtube of a jelly roll race, WHAT FUN !!!

I am sure that many have seen one but here is a link in case

If you are interested in making one the Missouri Star Quilting Company have a very good instructional video

I have another jelly roll in muted pastels that I intend to make up for my Mother. They both like having lap blankets for the winter evenings.

I am making this quilt for a Christmas present too

It is such happy fabric to be working with. I am just waiting on some backing fabric. I have chosen the multi coloured spots.

Blue and Poppy have found the heat difficult and look for shade where ever they can.

I have been walking them in the evenings before dusk. Here is the family walking, you can see my sister and nephew and of course Archie is in the push chair. 

I wish they would think of push chairs when installing gates.

 We felt as if we were doing an army assault course in parts.

Archie has had his first dip in the sea.

He is such a bonnie baby, my heart just melts. He is so interested in all that goes on and is full of smiles and chuckles. He has a fine pair of lungs but we don't mind that :o))

I have been lucky enough to reasonably purchase a sampler at auction. Normally I would prefer to hang my own work but I was so taken with this one from it's size 80 x 89cms, the bird border to the two Georgian ladies (christened Miss Scarlet for my Scarlet Letter Year and Miss Georgiana for our new Prince) and the verse.

The auctioneers described it as 1856 in error, it is in fact 1816. Eleanor Parr was born in Ormskirk in Lancashire, her father was a boatman and later became a farmer. Eleanor married a Webster who was also farmer and there descendants still farm in the area. I must write to them as they may have a photo of her as she lived to 1897.

The last time I posted I showed a photo (via the fitted camera) of the eggs in our bird box, unfortunately only two fledglings successfully made it this year. This one flew the nest and landing in a flower bed remaining there for around two hours. 

Blue was fascinated by him and never left his side.

I hope that my next post will not be so long coming. Now I have to figure out what has happened to reader and read up on blog loving. Any help or advice will be appreciated.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx