Tuesday 25 February 2014

Band 4 - EK 1653

Some days our needles fly faster than others and today has been one of those days. Band 4 is complete with another 7 to be stitched. This is a long sampler and without the added wording will measure 35 inches. I suspect it will eventually come out at around 45 inches. I have the perfect spot to hang her.

The boxers are quite funny with their pink legs.

Poppy and Blue won yesterday and we ventured out for a circular walk in bad weather conditions through the golf course (not one player to be seen) and then for a wander through Dollar Cove and Church Cove. The sea was an angry one and there was lots of foam blowing around.

The beach looked so bleak. On a winter's day it is hard to imagine it filled with visitors barbequeing and sunbathing with calm blue water laping the shore.

We have had so much wind that the grass has been"burnt" by the salty air. It makes for some very interesting shapes and textures.

Now do I switch to Ellenor for band 3 or carrying on stitching EK and band 5 - decisions, decisions.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Band 2 Ellenor Wykcs

After a busy week I was pleased to find time to finish band 2 on Ellenor. This is such a pretty sampler. Although the colours in the photo are vibrant it does not do the actual sampler justice - in real life they just glow.

This band on Ellenor is so similiar to the last band I stitched on EK. It has been a coincidence stitching them one after the other but it did make it easier.

As I type I have two pairs of eyes looking at me pleading to go for a walk. It is raining and the wind is blowing hard so I am trying to talk myself into getting on some wet weather gear and wellies. 

I will be glad when this winter is over, it is feeling like a very long one.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Saxony Band Sampler, EK 1653 and Ellenor Wykcs

I have three needlework projects on the go at the moment. This one - Saxony - is a SAL that I work on once each week. I am using a conversion kit from The Attic and am so pleased with the look of the sampler.

Ellenor Eykcs being stitched as a SAL too. This band stitched with AVAS glows and brightens up the dreary winter days.

My main project 

Ek 1653 I am personalising with the verses of a poem splitting up the bands. There will also be a further three sentiments between the bands as well.

I am really into band samplers at the moment. I saw another one mentioned on Facebook a few days ago - Dorothy Ward and fell in love with her

After a search of the internet to source the chart I realised that I had it all along. It is included with the Feller Book version I. If you take off the dust jacket and open it up the chart is printed inside. I guess you should always read a book not only from cover to cover but inside the cover too !!! 

Sunday 16 February 2014

Blackwork Framed

I finished this blackwork piece last year but forgot to post a photograph when framed.

It has proved a difficult one to photograph with the light bouncing off the hundreds of petite gold beads and glass.

I enjoyed embellishing and personalizing the original design. I kept to the framework of the blocks but changed some of the stitches

I find it very hard to stitch any chart as is these days.

I think I am getting to the stage where I would like to design a sampler all of my own. I can feel one building up inside me.

Hopefully I will get some ideas sketched out this year.

The weather has been awful in the UK for several weeks and on Friday it was the worse that we have ever known it. It was very scary and we feared for the house. It was strange after howling gales to wake up this morning to blue skies and peace and tranquility.

This photograph was taken from the inside of a school bus trying to get through the cove a few week ago, you can just make out our house and gardens.

I hope every one wherever you may be are safe, warm and dry.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

You might enjoy

I think that for most stitchers The Attic is "THE" must one day visit needlework store. I have never been lucky enough to visit but have just spent a lovely half an hour this morning reading Jean Lea's interview and trying to guess the correct answer for the giveaway.

I thought that you might like to read the INTERVIEW and have a go at winning her door prize too

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx

Wednesday 5 February 2014

A Start and a Finish

Ellenor Wykcs - The Scarlet Letter

I started Ellenor last night. Love, love this flower.

Rachel Jarratt - The Scarlet Letter

I finished Rachel on Monday night, took her to the framers yesterday and her she is back today already hung.

My framer has excelled himself with his service.

Rachel Jarratt - The Scarlet Letter

Rachel Jarratt - The Scarlet Letter

I have been saving this quote for a special sampler as for me this is what a SAL, my Scarlet Letter Year and blogging with you is all about.

This sampler has a heartfelt dedication.

The year is drawing to a close but the group is continuing as "Our Scarlet Letter Years" and if you would like to join us and stitch an SL sampler you would be very, very welcome.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx

Sunday 2 February 2014

Some Advice !!!

The last official band for Rachel is complete and I am now adding some personalisation to make her mine.

The white work band was a fun stitch and worked up quickly.

The silks have arrived for Ellenor Wykcs and I am itching to start her but I will finish Rachel first.

I wanted to share some advice I came across.

Funnily enough I agree with the advice if I ignore the dress, powder and lipstick.  I even have wet wipes  to "periodically wipe my hands - should I be worried ?