Friday 30 March 2012

Ann Medd is Finished

Ann Medd

Ann Medd is finished. I have loved every stitch and am going to miss working on her. I started her on January 26th 2012 and finished her on March 30th 2012.

She will be off to the framers on Monday, I have absolutely no idea what frame I will pick, maybe I had better take a packed lunch with me in case I take all day deciding.

Thank you again Laurie and Margaret for suggesting Ann.

I will take some better photographs in daylight when she is back from the framers.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx

Monday 26 March 2012

Walk with the knowledge that you are never alone

Hoopoe  in the gardens of By The Seashore Poldhu Cove Lizard Cornwall photographed by

I have not been a good blogger lately as I have had a lot on my plate but hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

I had two lovely surprises on Friday when I received gifts from  Vickie and NatalyK

Vickie sent me a card with lovely note and chart. Thank you, thank you Vickie I will certainly be stitching this up.

I was very fortunate to be one of the winners for Natalys giveaway. This beautiful card arrived with a handmade needle keep with these beautiful pins which Nataly also made. I will cherish them Nataly and will be keeping them to go in my "Cabinet of Curiosities".

Ray has had to go back and forth to Wales over the last few weeks and this weekend I decided to fill my time by walking with Poppy and Blue and photographing birds.

 Predannack Downs, Lizard Peninsula photographed by 

Saturday we walked Predannack Downs

 Predannack Downs, Lizard Peninsula photographed by 

It is a huge area that belongs to the National Trust and we didn't see a soul. We were walking for hours and when we got back home the three of us had a long sleep.

Sunday I wanted to photograph some wildfowl so we went to the reed beds at Gunwalloe. Again we spent several  hours walking in some very muddy conditions and when we got back home what did we see in our own garden - a Hoopoe !!!! This is  a very rare bird for the UK and has been blown off course, It should be in Italy at this time of year.

The weather has continued to be warm and sunny so today we went to Loe Pool  to walk around the lake.

Pochard  on the Lizard Peninsula photographed by 

I love this bird's expression.

 photographed by 

Bottoms up !

 photographed by 

I have been trying to capture birds in flight and maintain focus. It is not easy.

 photographed by 

The emerald green of this bird's plumage is amazing. Oh to have silk that shimmers so beautifully.

 photographed by 

The Cormorant is beautifully marked.

Cormorant on the Lizard Peninsula photographed by 

Asleep in the sunshine.

photographed by 

Angry at being woken.

photographed by 

A mute swan.

Mute swan on the Lizard Peninsula photographed by 

I have been experimenting with some close up shots. This was taken with a zoom lens.

photographed by 

I used a macro lens for the butterfly and

photographed by 

the dandelion.

photographed by 

and finally this little green finch has been visiting the feeders today. I love his expression.

Greenfinch photographed by in the garden of By The Seashore Poldhu Cove Lizard Cornwall.

I have not been able to do much stitching on Ann Medd since I last posted, I am now on the second "Y" verse and will hopefully post some photos later in the week when there is more progress.

Whilst writing this post I have had a telephone call from Ray that he will be able to come home tomorrow. Hurray !!

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx

Monday 19 March 2012

A fine landscape is like a piece of music, it must be taken at the right tempo

Ann Medd - Day 64

I haven't managed to get as many hours stitching as normal over the last two weeks. The garden has been calling me with the fine weather.

Ann Medd - Day 64

I have finished the last section and all I have left to do is the verses down both sides and the bottom dedication which I am changing to personalise the sampler. I did intend to alternate the verses with the bottom section but I was enjoying stitching it so much I couldn't bring myself to leave it.

The sheep reminded me of my son's flock.

He has some very cute lambs at the moment.

This one is doing very well and is much bigger and plumper than all the rest.

He will be having some calves born in  a few months time. He keeps Dexters which are small hardy cattle.

This was one of last year's calves.

They really are mini cows

Yesterday was Mother's Day in the UK. Ray couldn't be here and has had to go back to Wales for a few days so I spent the day at the farm. Chris and Kate took me and Kate's parents out to lunch and we had a lovely meal.

The farm house

I have taken some pictures of the on going work at the farm. It will not be ready for the wedding but we still have four weeks to go so it will look better than these pictures.

This is the first section of the courtyard which will be used as offices.

This is the second section, again to be used as offices. Kate's Mum is in the picture.

This is the third section and will be used as stables.

This is the other side of the archway with my son Chris in the picture.

Here is the stable block.

As you can see there is a lot of making good to do. Please pray for dry weather as we will be laying huge amounts of concrete soon.

After lunch we went for a walk around the lake that the farm looks over with all the dogs. Cassie and Wellie like swimming. When Wellie gets tired she gets on her Mum's back for a ride back to shore.

Today has been the most glorious day of the year so far.

Poldhu Cove -

This is the Poldhu Cove at 10.00am, the photo has had no editing, the colours are true. You can see why so many people come here to paint.

It was a day to spend out of doors so I went not for a walk but a hike with Poppy and Blue.

We have seen nature at its best today.

The gorse is in full bloom and their scent is everywhere. It always reminds me of sun cream and holidays.

The bees were busy.

We walked along the coast path for a little while and the air coming off the sea was so pure it was good to stand and take deep breaths. We then cut in land for a woodland walk.

We haven't had much rain lately but we still managed to find lots of mud. Blue and Poppy like mud and puddles and always make a bee line towards them.

We didn't see a soul in the woodland and it was so nice to sit by this stream for a while listening to the water running over the stones and watching the light shining down through the branches and playing on the water.

We walked through several newly ploughed fields

and fields that had been partially picked. A glimpse of Poldhu Cove in the distance was very welcome as we were all starting  to tire.

We came across this cute little building. It was tiny and very old.

When we got home Poppy made straight for her favourite drinking bowl.

and Blue collapsed in the shade.

Just before I sign off I thought that I would share with you some new linen I have purchased for The Chocolate Box.

The Chocolate Box a luxury thatched holiday cottage at Poldhu Cove, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall.

When I saw this set  I thought it looked so crisp and fresh.

Tonight I shall be stitching the verse for the "F" and "G" and listening to my current audio book by Lynda la Plant. I think that Dancing With The Stars is starting tonight in the USA. This is one of my guilty pleasures but I will have to wait to watch it on youtube as it is not shown in the UK. This season I am routing for Kathryn Jenkins as she is from Wales. If she dances as well as she sings we will be in a for a treat.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx

Saturday 10 March 2012

Mullion Women's Institute Spring Show

Mullion WI Spring Show

Today was a glorious warm spring day and the scent of daffodils filled the air. It was a perfect day for Mullion's Spring Show which was very well supported with enteries from all over the Lizard Peninsula and Helston.

This beautiful wall hanging was my favourite entry in handicrafts and it was a worthy winner of the applique class. I didn't mind coming second with my cushion. Val's work was perfection and her attention to detail was amazing.

I had a second place in patchwork

Val won this class as well with a beautiful patchwork bag.

I had a first with my gingerbread house sewing etui in the any other craft category. (I ran out of battery so have had to show photographs taken previously).

I had a first in pillows and best in show with the ring bearer's pillow.

I loved this beaded pillow, the work that went into in was very fine.

I had a first in self coloured embroidery with a piece of blackwork.

The white work piece that came second was beautiful and I was lucky not to have been beaten my this.

The most important class for me was cross stitch and hurray Dutch Beauty got first place. My battery had died by the time I got to the cross stitch table. I am  so disappointed not to be able to show you the other enteries. There were two exceptionally nice pieces which caught my eye and I had not seen the designs before. I thought that I could have been beaten by either of those pieces.

I was thrilled at the end to have most points in handicrafts and most points for a first time entrant and I ended up with three cups.

I was really surprised to get most points in photography as well so I had a fourth cup. You could have two enteries per class and I had hoped to do well with the bird category.

I had a first with a robin shot and second with a blue  **** shot

I had a first in transport. This is how the village mail is delivered.

First in Family Celebration

 Second in country scene

Second in coastal scene

A very successful day with beginner's luck. Thank you Mrs Trenoweth for judging my ring bearer's pillow for your Best in Show. I am honoured and humbled.

Here are some other enteries that I captured as I worked my way down the tables.

I wish my battery hadn't died there was so much more to capture in handicrafts, photography, baking and preserves and flowers.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx