Friday 8 March 2013

A Cross Stitch Awakening - a giveaway

Jane Atkinson - Scarlet Letter

Progress on my current projects has been a little slow, there have been lots of other demands on my time, my darling Archie for one.

I had a very short stitching session this Saturday on SDW but some progress has been made which is always better than none.

SDW - Scarlet Letter

Recently our SDW SAL shared their journey to cross stitching reproduction samplers. The common theme the group shares is a start on Aida and cotton floss as a child mostly stitching Dimension kits.

Subsequently each one of us have had an awakening when we have been "inspired" and thus set off stitching samplers.

I ultimately fell passionately in love with reproduction samplers and  the mystic surrounding them and spend many happy hours thinking of the young girls and what they were dreaming of whilst stitching the original and what their lives were like. 

Every sampler tells a story that comes from the heart and none more so than an antique sampler. 

Did their dreams come true ? I like happy ending so all my girls lived happily ever after in my imagination.

Certainly all of these girls live on today because of their samplers. 

Would you share with the me your "inspiration" to start cross stitching and what you is your favourite type of project. 

Every comment will be entered into a draw for a gently used copy of Keep Me which seems very appropriate as it was an article on Moira Blackburn that was my inspiration to pick up a needle and my cross stitching journey started.

Keep Me - Moira Blackburn

Thank you Moira for starting me on this wonderful journey.

Manifesto is progressing slowly but surely. I can envisage increasing my days to two per week very soon.

Manifesto - Scarlet Letter

Ray is busy preparing for his round the UK voyage on board the Hey Ho and there are many things to get ready and tested. He had me in a different sort of "stitches" yesterday. Check out the video.

Thank you for all your the wonderful comments, I read them all and respond but I have noticed that there are quite a few no-reply bloggers. If you have not received a response from me it is because I able unable to as your email address is hidden by blogger. It is well worth checking your settings.

I see I have a few new followers, a warm welcome to you.

Good luck with the giveaway.