Saturday 17 December 2011

In the pink ...

I adore boxes, needle rolls and sewing etuis. This is a folding heart etui I made with some Tilda fabric.

It was fun to make. I finished it off with a Kanzashi flower and some vintage lace trim.

I plan to make some more with this pattern and have lots of different ideas of how to dress it.

After a very long wait my heavy duty frame has arrived.

I am so disappointed. There are two major faults. The bottom rail which stablilises  the frame will not fit into the leg.

Then the dowels in the legs are too long and protude below the feet so that the frame is resting on the dowels.

It is such a shame. However, the company that made it have responded very quickly and are sending replacement legs to me.

We had a lovely lunch yesterday at Mullion Golf Club, as suspected there wasn't any fish on the menu (its been too rough for the boats to go out) so I had lamb cutlets with bubble and squeak, garden peas and mint sauce. You can't have lamb without mint sauce, it was delicious.

Do other countries have bubble and squeak?

I have been sent another gorgeous photograph from a visitor to our cottages. John is a talented amateur photographer. His wife, Elizabeth is a keen knitted. Whilst here on holiday she made a hooded, cabled jacket.

Cadgwith Cove by John Wright

The photograph was taken in Cadgwith, a small fishing village on the Lizard. Most of the cottages in Cadgwith are thatched. It is such a charming place to visit.

Cadgwith Cove

We are so blessed to live on the Lizard Peninsula and life away from the hum drum of a city is good.

Life's pleasures are simple.

Whilst we don't get delivered take-aways and newspapers it is wonderful to be able to go into the butchers and be told the name of the farmer who reared the animal that the meat came from or into the fishmongers and be given the name of the boat that caught the fish.

Community spirit is strong and crime is practically non-existent in Mullion.

It's the final of Strictly Come Dancing Tonight. I am so looking forward to watching. I wonder who will win? I have my bar of chocolate all ready to eat whilst watching.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore
 Nicola xxx