Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Shopping Trip

I have spent a lovely day with my husband which included a shopping trip to Truro and lunch in one of our favourite restaurants.

In Truro we have a shop called "House of Fabrics" which primarily sells the most gorgeous but very expensive curtain fabric.

I love going into the shop which is in an old Georgian building made up of little rooms. There are beautiful fabrics draped everywhere. I can't resist feeling, stroking and drooling, in fact I go most peculiar.

Tucked at the back of the shop they have a "remnant bar" where you can buy end of bolts but more importantly they have wicker baskets filled with fabric swatches taken out of their sample books. Some of the swatches are quite large.

These swatches can be used to make cushions which would cost a fortune if bought ready made. Today I was on the look out for material I could use to make pillow backs for some embroidery pieces and journal covers.

I struck lucky I had 21 swatches (smallest was 10" x 10") for the princely sum of £6 approx  9 US dollars. They consist of silks some embroidered, velvets and linen slub.


We had a warm welcome from Poppy and Blue when we got home, lots of wagging tails and wet licks.


No sewing tonight I am going to give my husband my undivided attention as he has earned a stupendous amount of brownie points lately.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx