Monday, 13 July 2015

An exciting day !!!


Guess who was at Mullion Cove today and to think we were approached by the production company for accommodation this week. We couldn't help as we were full. !!!!

It is Aidan Turner but not in his role of Poldark. It is an Agatha Christie film Body on the Island. Aidan Turner is sat at the prow of the boat. Charles Dance, Sam Neill, Douglas Booth and Burn Gorman are also here.

It will be shown on the BBC at Christmas in the UK and in the U.S. later this year.

Last year Kian asked if I would show him how to make a cushion and he spent a whole day with me at Trewoon.

At 13 years old and already familiar with a sewing machine and the basics Kian easily followed me (he was a natural) and soon we had both made our cushions. Kian drew his boxer dog Rosanyos Pocket Rocket and appliqu├ęd her onto his.

Today he entered his cushion at Stithians Show and took first place in his class and best in section, winning himself a cup.

I think another workshop is now being planned - quilting methinks !!!!

Last week I was asked how I stitched the red and pink flowers at the opposite ends of the row in photo one. I promised when I stitched the next one I would demonstrate. The following photos show the stages. I am self taught and my way may be incorrect.

You can use a pencil to mark out the stitch direction or as I have done your thread. Note that the stitch I started with at the bottom was going in the wrong direction when I finished laying out the guide lines. I just laid another stitch over it as it will not show. 

I have not taken the stitches all the way into the centre. I am leaving room for the next passes..

Gradually I am filling the flower moving around as I stitch so that there are no clumps of stitches.

The centre is now filled in but I am parking my thread for now in case I need to add some more stitches after the outer part has been stitched.

I fill in the stamens.

Next I repeat the process on the outer part.

You can use your thread to gauge your stitch direction.

First pass complete.

Start to close up the gaps.

Note that the outer stitches in the bottom left hand corner has caused the inner stitches to gap. Pick up your parked pink thread and fill in the gap.