Friday 8 June 2012

A Quick Update - Sadness and Joy

Many, many thanks for all the emails I have received asking how my Mother-in-Law is. Shortly after the wedding on a visit back to Wales we realised that it was impossible for my SIL (although she very much wanted to) to provide the level of nursing that was needed due to her own health problems. My MIL at that stage needed 24/7 nursing.

We have wanted my MIL to live with us for sometime but she wanted to remain in her own home to the end. Due to the distance involved we could not provide her with the care needed so we brought her down to us.

We quickly adapted a downstairs room into "hospital".

Over the last few weeks it has been a roller coaster and we have thought on several occasions that she would not last the day. I spent two weeks in a chair by her bed and became exhausted myself.

My SIL is now staying with us until the end and we are sharing the nursing (with the support of the doctors, district nurses and McMillam nurses) which is much easier. Today is a good day and the adjustment on Wednesday to her morphine has brought some relief from the pain.

I have not been able to pick up a needle either with time or inclination.

On a positive note Chris and Kate are expecting and we should become grandparents around 27th December.

Please pray for Winnie and us.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx