Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Fun Competition and Progress on Ann Medd

Ann Medd - Day 24

Whilst I am not participating in the International Hermit Stitching Weekend (I hope I got that right) I did manage to spend yesterday afternoon and evening stitching Ann Medd. I was AMAZED how quickly the hours passed and I was shocked to see that it was midnight and the fire had gone out, I was so focused on Ann. Time certainly does fly when you are enjoying yourself.

Ann Medd
 I adore Ann's use of red and pinks. This flower is very Claude Mackintoish in design although he was not born then.

Ann Medd

My photos are not very clear today and on checking on my lens the culprit is doggie slobber - BLUE !!!!

Ann Medd
 This is where I finished last night.

It is too nice a day to be indoors so the morning has been spent on outside chores and a walk with Poppy and Blue to Church Cove.

It was so beautiful there today.

Church Cove photographed by 

We were out for such a long time they were tired out when we got back and went straight for their favourite chair which is theirs and where they watch the world go by in the cove below. Poppy got there first so Blue had to squeeze his way in.

Poppy and Blue

That got me thinking about all the funny sleeping  positions we see our pets and family in. I thought that it would be good fun to have a competition for the funniest position. There will be a prize for the photo of the funniest animal and human position.

If you post them on your own blog then comment on this post with the link to your blog, next Sunday I will ask my son to pick a winner from both categories. Alternativeyly you could email me your photo.

The prizes will be unused charts for Holy Night by Shepherds Bush for the funniest human sleeping position

and for animals SB's Santaberry Pudding. I will also include some goodies too.

The winter sun is still shining so I am off to do some gardening.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx