Sunday, 26 February 2012

Progress on Ann Medd Day 31 and Competition Results

Add Medd - Day 31 Progress

I can't believe that another week has flown by since I last posted my progress on Ann Medd. I adore this sampler from the colours to the motifs.

Add Medd - Day 31 Progress

I have just finished the fourth section and will start the fifth section tonight. I have been looking forward to using all those beautiful blues. As there is a huge amount of stitching to do in this area (a bit like the grass in ATS) I thought that I would alternate my evenings between that and the verses down both sides.

Add Medd - Day 31 Progress

This is where I had reached on my last post and I have now finished off the flowers. I wonder if they are Chinese Lanterns.

Add Medd - Day 31 Progress

The only changes I made to the design on the fourth section was the skin colour of the lady and gentleman and some fingers on the gentleman's outstretched hand to compliment the ones on the lady's hand. I also put my initials on the cartouche.

Add Medd - Day 31 Progress

I have just noticed my hair on the linen, it's not stitched in, it must have fallen when I was photographing.

Add Medd - Day 31 Progress

The pinks and blues are so pretty.


I have been overwhelmed with the number of photographs I have been sent. Many, many thanks to everyone who participated. 

We all love our pets so much and we sure do take a lot of photographs of them sleeping. 

My son Chris has decided on his winners. Congratulations to Ruth on her photograph of one of her little leprechauns.

Now Chris has had a problem choosing his favourite animal shot and in the end whittled it down to three but could not decide on just one so we have three winners. Karen, Laurie and Sandy or should I say Miss Piggy, Emma and Ami.

Miss Piggy - Karen's Kune Kune Pig

Emma - Laurie's Corgi

Ami - Sandy's boxer

I only have one copy of Santaberry Pudding so I drew a name out of the hat and this design will be going to Karen. I know Laurie loves reproduction samplers so I will be sending her one from my stash. Sandy if you will let me know what your favourite type of designs are I will send you the closest I have from stash.

Please could you email me your addresses.

I have some home made chicken soup simmering on the AGA and the smell has been making me hungry as I have been sat writing this post so I am now off to have a bowl (or two).

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx