Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Wonderful Find

A very quick post about a needlework company I have found in the UK that supply Lakeside Linens and have a selection in stock !!

Checkout patchwork-rabbit. Carla has been very helpful and my Vintage Pear is being dispatched today.

I started Ann Dale yesterday and after about an hour decided that I really didn't like the linen I had chosen. It can be difficult in the UK to source speciality fabrics. I don't mind ordering from the States and often do so but in addition to the custom duty the Post Office put on a handling fee.

I can't have a post without a photo

On The Way to the Scilly Isles by

I took this whilst on the way to the Scilly Isles on board the Hey Ho.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx