Monday, 10 August 2015


This week's session with Kian was today.

He cut and attached the four borders around the central patchwork panel.

We focused on how to achieve perfect seams with pattern matching on the joins and making sure our corners were at right angles.

Kian picked this up quickly, he does well in Mathematics at school and he put his geometry to good use.

He finished the quilt top and put his quilt sandwich together with supervision from Poppy and Blue.

We even had time to digitize a pattern of some dog paws and start the quilting.

We will be having a two week break now as Kian is away followed by me being away.

The weekend saw a visit from the family and we spent Saturday morning in The Craft Box in Helston.

The boys made treasure chests.

Theo also painted a mug and Rhys a lighthouse.

 It was home for lunch then a stroll through the garden onto the beach. It was a glorious day.

Ray participated in the warm up exercises !!!

Time to go home.

We then enjoyed an evening meal at The Halsezephron Inn at Gunwalloe. They will be doing some filming in September at Gunwalloe for Poldark.

The next morning we were off to Crealy Park for some fun.

Slightly wet !!!

Drying off in a hot air machine

Nana "I feel sick". Rhys "Good, I will spin us faster" Nana "ooooooeeeee"

Always wanted to try a zip wire

The end of the weekend saw two very tired but extremely happy grandparents.