Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Saxony Band Sampler, EK 1653 and Ellenor Wykcs

I have three needlework projects on the go at the moment. This one - Saxony - is a SAL that I work on once each week. I am using a conversion kit from The Attic and am so pleased with the look of the sampler.

Ellenor Eykcs being stitched as a SAL too. This band stitched with AVAS glows and brightens up the dreary winter days.

My main project 

Ek 1653 I am personalising with the verses of a poem splitting up the bands. There will also be a further three sentiments between the bands as well.

I am really into band samplers at the moment. I saw another one mentioned on Facebook a few days ago - Dorothy Ward and fell in love with her

After a search of the internet to source the chart I realised that I had it all along. It is included with the Feller Book version I. If you take off the dust jacket and open it up the chart is printed inside. I guess you should always read a book not only from cover to cover but inside the cover too !!!