Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Band 4 - EK 1653

Some days our needles fly faster than others and today has been one of those days. Band 4 is complete with another 7 to be stitched. This is a long sampler and without the added wording will measure 35 inches. I suspect it will eventually come out at around 45 inches. I have the perfect spot to hang her.

The boxers are quite funny with their pink legs.

Poppy and Blue won yesterday and we ventured out for a circular walk in bad weather conditions through the golf course (not one player to be seen) and then for a wander through Dollar Cove and Church Cove. The sea was an angry one and there was lots of foam blowing around.

The beach looked so bleak. On a winter's day it is hard to imagine it filled with visitors barbequeing and sunbathing with calm blue water laping the shore.

We have had so much wind that the grass has been"burnt" by the salty air. It makes for some very interesting shapes and textures.

Now do I switch to Ellenor for band 3 or carrying on stitching EK and band 5 - decisions, decisions.