Monday, 2 June 2014

A walk in June

I have just put the last of the stem stitches into Ruthy. There were an awful lot of them to stitch. Now to the border and then the dedication.

The weather has been glorious here and we have been enjoying being outside and have taken lots of walks. These days we have to go at Poppy's pace which has slowed considerably and let her have rest stops.

Here she is with Ray.

As we walk the coast paths we can see evidence of erosion from the winter's storms.

The life guard station suffered badly this winter and is unable to open.

A long steep walk up the other side of Polurrian Cove and time for a rest at a perfectly placed bench to admire the view.

The climb is not over yet.

You can just make out our Cove in the far distance. We have already covered quite a distance.

There is so much colour to be seen.

Time for another rest stop and to enjoy the view of the island.

Time to turn inland towards the village.

The newly sheared llamas watch us pass.

Such an English sight - cricketers warming up for a match.

A short cut through the church yard.

Then along Meres Valley passing one of our favourite gardens.

Valerian is everywhere even though it is considered a weed by some.

A spinney offers us a brief spell of shade.

You have to be agile to get back out the other end.

Across a newly mown field.

There is so much greenery around

and the hedgerows are alive. We found lots of caterpillar balls.

Our cove was a welcome sight.

and then into our garden and home.