Monday, 26 May 2014

“By seeking and blundering we learn.”

Well I have blundered with this and the lesson learnt is always check and double check before you stitch.

I managed to hem stitch the edge back to front and now if I unpick it it will fray on the corners.

Ruthy Rogers was put down whilst I worked on this tray cloth and the doily below

but this weekend she was back on the frame and Ruthy now has an upper body and is high fiving us.

I did make a few alterations to her bodice and the positioning of the flowers she is holding. I also changed the flowers in her hand and hair to ones stitched with little bullions.

I have been looking for a quotation/saying for her and may use "All things are possible if only you believe". At the start Ruthy was very much out of my comfort zone  but now I feel very comfortable with stem stitch.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend, in the UK the weather has been mixed but we have managed to get in three great walks with Poppy and Blue.