Sunday, 11 May 2014

Back from the framers

Ellenor Wykcs and EK 1653 (now known as Three Sisters) are back from the framers. 

Ruthy Rogers is progressing and I am loving stem stitch. It is so fluid.

I was definitely out of my comfort zone to start with but this stitch is well worth having a go at. 

It stitches up very quickly. 

My other start is a hardanger place mat for my WI group.

The inner sections are not finished but I wanted to try the buttonhole edging. It is a padded one which I had not heard of before. You stitch satin blocks then work the buttonhole stitch over them. It does create a nice effect. Hopefully, if all goes to plan this will be very pretty.

The challenge is to have the back looking as good as the front.

The postman has been with a new spool caddy. I cannot resist collecting them. Richard Hyers makes such beautiful stitching accessories.  His website is well worth a visit.

Archie continues to grow and he is now very mobile on his own two feet. Chris and Kate have been having some decoration done to the house and he is fascinated with paintbrushes. The decorator gave him one and at the moment it is going every where with him !!

I hope that all my American followers have enjoyed their Mothering Sunday today.