Friday, 1 February 2013

And the winner is .........

.......... and the winner of The Blue Ribbon Sampler book  is Elaine of  Emily' s Cupboard , congratulations Elaine. 

To mark the start of my birthday month I have a 20% discount voucher for all my followers which has been sponsored by my favourite ONS in the UK.

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Please let them have your opinions in the comment box below and I will email you a discount voucher code for 20% off AVAS threads that can be used as many times as you like during the next three months. (If you are a no-reply blogger you can email me instead).

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Details of their shipping costs can be found HERE

Jane Atkinson

I have been having great fun stitching Jane Atkinson and it is a pleasure to sit and stitch her each evening. Her garden is growing and the flowers blooming. I have chosen the verse I am going to be personalising her with 

Eve was not taken out of Adam's head to top him, 
neither out of his feet to be trampled on by him, 
but out of his side to be equal with him, 
under his arm to be protected by him, 
and near his heart to be loved by him.

I will then add our names and wedding date.


The SDW SAL is progressing well and SAL'ing is such a fun way of stitching.

Dona Dorothea

Dona is back from the framers and hung in my side hall, this may not be her permanent place.

I have such wonderful pin pals and have received some lovely gifts over the last few weeks.

June of Butterfly Wings sent some gorgeous goodies. A beautiful ornament, Archie's first one, a little cuddly rabbit and a booklet of charts that are a must for me to stitch, they are of little children on the beach, perfect for where we live, I hope that by next year I will be taking Archie down to the cove to build sandcastles and go rock pooling.

Thank you June. Kate, Chris and Archie send their thanks too.

Dearest Laurie of Corgi Cottage sent me a fantastic selection of Scarlet Letter kits, including the Christmas Sampler which is OOP. Thank you so much Laurie, I was bowled over with your generosity and kindness.

Pam of The Prairie Sampler sent me this lovely chart which she has designed.

Thank you Pam, as soon as my Scarlet Letter Year is finished I will be stitching this up. I already have a frame and place in mind to hang her.

Archie is growing very quickly and I am having lots of good quality time with him. We had a lunch date yesterday, here we are waiting for our food.

Wishing everyone a good weekend, Nicola xxx


  1. What a sweet pic of you and Archie. Such lovely goodies you have received! I love your idea for Jane Atkinson, it seems the perfect way to make it your own. I hope you received the thread you have been waiting on. It looks like you have made some wonderful progress.

    And a BIG congrats to Elaine, I am sure you will love BRS!

  2. A post full of goodness! Love your idea for the Jane sampler. I have to say, my favorite thing about this post was the adorable picture of you and Archie ~ so sweet!

  3. Great birthday gifts Nicola. What a beautiful pic with Archie. Fantastic stitching as always.


  4. Oh Nicola, such a sweet picture of you and Archie. He is such a love! Really, really love the verse you have chosen to personalize your Jane Atkinson...can't believe how much you have stitched already!!

  5. Jane Atkinson is beautiful and I really like the verse you have chosen. A wonderful photo of you and Archie - what a sweet little boy. You are very lucky to be able to have so much time with him.

  6. Lovely picture....lovely stitching.

  7. Beautiful stitching -- I love all your pieces. Dona looks wonderful all framed as well. Archie is a cutie -- I love the pic of you together! Great gifts too! Sewand Sew sounds like a great company -- I've heard good things about them.

  8. Grandmother and Baby look equally content with each other! I like the verse you've chosen for Jane.

  9. Beautiful photo of you and Archie. All your stitching looks fabulous, as always, and I love the verse you've chosen for your sampler.

  10. As always your stitching is amazing Nicola! I love the verse you've chosen for your Jane Atkinson project - just beautiful. And what wonderful gifts :) The pic of you and little Archie is so sweet...he's a cutie pie!

  11. Love the Jane Atkinson,, gorgeous! Great picture of you and Archie!!

  12. Beautiful pictures of you and the babie. Yes, you are right saying that they grow quick. A reason to stop time!
    Have fun with Archie!
    Greetings from Germany, Gabi

  13. What a gorgeous picture with Archie!

    Jane Atkinson is looking wonderful, and Dona is fabulous all framed up. I don't know ho you find the time to stitch all these marvellous things

  14. Thank you so much!!! I can't believe I won :) I can't wait to kit it up and start! You are really tempting me away from quilting :)

    I love your idea of personalising Jane, the verse is perfect.

    Archie is adorable!

    I love Sew & So, their customer service is brilliant. I have been using them for at least 10 years. They were brilliant at ordering and sending supplies to me when I was abroad - I think the record was 5 days to Borneo!

  15. Oh my goodness, I love the idea for Jane Atkinson! What a wonderful verse. Your Dona Dorothea looks wonderful. Such nice gifts, but the best gift you've received this year is sitting in your arms in the photo. Archie is adorable!

    I ordered my Kreinik corder tool from Sew & So and was very happy with their service. I was also happy that the price was fair and equal in the differences between euro, sterling, and dollar.

  16. Love the picture of you with Archie - and your samplers are amazing as always. You are an inspiration Nicola - and an exciting month ahead for you...... enjoy every day! xx

  17. You & Archie look like you were both really enjoying your lunch date : ) Lovely gifts! Dona looks great & Jane is going to be just as gorgeous.

  18. What a great way to start your birthday month!

    The picture of you and Archie is so sweet.

    Of course, all of your stitching is wonderful. Dona Dorothea is such a pretty piece and looks lovely in its frame. It's on my list to stitch since my first name is Dona.

    Enjoy your birthday month!

  19. Nicola:

    Archie is as cute as a button! He is melting hearts already:)

    Happy Birthday month to you! Celebrate!

    Happy Stitches,

    -Holly in VA

  20. Silly me....forgot to mention that I've purchased from sewandso in the past and have never had a problem getting anything out here to darkest africa :) Their prices were fair and postage reasonable (always a BIG factor for shipping out here!)

  21. Oh my Nicola! The verse you have chosen is just fantastic! I actually got emotional reading it.
    Love the picture of you and precious Archie.

  22. Archie is just darling, he may be the star of your blog!! just darling photo of you both.

  23. You are such an amazing lady, Nicola. I just love reading your blog and looking at your wonderful stitching, and I love the verse you chose. Archie looks so sweet! Is'nt it lovely that he arrived before your birthday month?

    Sewandso are brilliant. If I want anything in a hurry I always know that they will never let me down, and they have lots and lots of choice too.

  24. What a lovely sampler Jane is turning out to be - the flowers are so pretty. Your grandson is growing already, it's great to see an updated photo of him.

    With regards to sewandso - I've shopped with them for longer than I can remember - literally dozens and dozens of orders later I can honestly say that I have never had a negative experience. They offer a huge choice at competitive prices, speedy dispatch and excellent customer service.

  25. Your needlework is truly amazing, I love all the pieces your shared with us. What beautiful gifts you received, all those kits from Laurie or graphs? They look beautiful! Archie is a sweetie!

  26. Forgot to say earlier,, Sewandso's always have sent my orders out quickly,, never had any problems.

  27. Lovely photo of you and Archie , what a lovely post your stitching is always so beautiful and what a beautiful verse.hugs.

  28. Great stitching and lovely gifts for Archie. He's going to grow up thinking his Grandma knows EVERYONE in the whole world LOL.
    He really look sweet having his cuddles.

  29. You are making great progress on Jane. The flowers are so beautiful!

    What a great photo of you and Archie! You should frame it for your mantle.

  30. Hello Nicola, love your Jane Atkinson...and what a great present you got...
    Nice photo of little Archie..
    Erna x

  31. Great post, Nicola and a lovely picture of you and Archie. I really like the verse you are going to personalise Jane Atkinson with and thanks for the sewandso discount. I have never used them before but I am certainly looking forward to trying the AVAS threads.
    Congratulations to Elaine, as well.

    I have run behind a bit on my Faerie Queene - work is really busy as is home life and so, I seem to be picking up smaller projects (with large fabbie thread counts at the moment) but I will get back to her soon.

    love Kaye

  32. Great progress on the samplers, and the framing of Dona is beautiful. What a super picture of you and Archie - you look so happy, and who wouldn't be while holding such a handsome bundle :-)

  33. Congratulations of the new arrival!
    I have used Sew and So on numerous occasions and have always found them a delight to deal with. Fast shipping at great rates!

  34. Oh, sweet Archie--I'll bet you are in heaven just holding that precious baby, Nicola!! Lovely WIPs and wonderful gifts you (and Archie!) have received... Give him a little cuddle for me :)

  35. You stitching is as gorgeous as ever Nicola, and Archie is growing so fast. I love the picture of the two of you.


  36. Great picture of you and your grandson. You are really getting a lot done on your pieces.

  37. Jane is gorgeous! Love the other wip too!

    Great gifts! Wonderful picture of you and Archie!


  38. I love the verse you have chosen for Jane and you are making such quick progress. Looks as if you are going to be kept busy stitching all those lovely gifts. Archie is just adorable. x

  39. You are such a pretty lady. Your stitching is beautiful. This is my birthday month too and I'm celebrating every day!

  40. What a great photo of you and Archie. Your are making great progress on both Jane and SDW. Dona looks wonderful all framed and hanging on your wall. June is a lovely generous lady, and the gifts from her are just perfect. You have certainly received lots of great stitching gifts for your birthday.

  41. Hi Nicola! I love the verse you have chosen for Jane...perfect! Your progress is beautiful. I keep repeating myself, but I just can't get enough of that border! Lovely photo of you and Archie. Hope you will always be one of his favorite lunch dates!

  42. That's a lovely photo of you and Archie Nicola!

    Jane is coming along great, I love the colours on this one :-)

  43. gorgeous stitching :) you are flying along. I love the new verse you are adding. Such a great way to personalise it.

  44. Sublime stitching as always, and what a fabulous picture of you and the wee boy, he's a cutie!x

  45. What a gorgeous picture from you and Archie. Love it.
    Your stitching is fantastic. Love especially your Jane. I like that verse you're going to add.
    Wonderful gifts.
    And DOH about Sew and I became a customer from them yesterday and ordered for the first time there. Doesn't matter, I was so overjoyed to have finally found an AVAS color card with actual silk in it.
    And I have to add...Sew and So is the first company I came across that takes the VAT automatically off for overseas customers. Makes quite a bit of difference. I'm going to buy there again for sure.

  46. Such a lovely post Nicola! First, ARchie is so adorable and growing loads too! That's a precious photo of you two. Congrats to Elaine on her win. I'm sure she will enjoy the chart. Lovely gifts from everyone too. Those charts will keep you busy, if you aren't already!! I think your personalized touch to Jane Atkinson will make the sampler quite an heirloom. Dona Dorothea is stunning in her frame.

    Big hugs to you!

    The Sew and So deal is amazing! Haven't ordered from them before but I'm sure I will sometime!

    When's your birthday again?!

  47. Love your idea for the Jane sampler
    That's a sweet photo of you and Archie Nicola! Beautiful stitching!

  48. Hello Nicola:

    I am very excited to have become your 400th follower here on your blog!! That is just amazing! Not only am I following you but I feel that your blog is a very favorite of mine and love all of the beautiful photos and photos of your stitching. I love seeing how pretty it is where you live too. It must just be paradise living close to the seashore. Thank you for letting me know that I am your 400th follower here! :)

  49. Such a lovely photo of you and Archie! Beautiful stitching, as always, and you have received some wonderful gifts!!

  50. Great progress on your samplers - and I love the verse you've chosen to personalise Jane Atkinson. And Dona looks so pretty in her new frame!

    The picture of you and Archie is just wonderful! Lovely little bundle of joy

  51. Nicola,

    I am in awe of your progress with stitching - I really wish I could get a fire under me when I get home from work to stitch some more on my Leo.

    I can see you are one proud Grandmum - Archie is so lucky to have you! He is adorable. And you look the way I felt when I held my first niece when she was born. I was so terrible - kept showing everyone the baby pics! LOL

    I also LOVE the verse you chose for Jane Atkinson. Would you mind if I used it for a pattern sometime? It is just perfect!

    Hugs and Love,

  52. Such a sweet photo of you & Archie.

    Great progress on Jane & SDW, they are both look lovely. Dona Dorothea is very handsome in her frame.

  53. Beautiful post!
    Love the samplers - all so lovely.
    Thank you for providing so many temptations ;-)
    Looks like you had a fabulous lunch date.

  54. Nicola your framed piece is beautiful and so are all of your WIPs! What wonderful friends you've got and your wee grandson is looking adorable!


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