Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Blue Ribbon Sampler Giveaway

Blue Ribbon Sampler by Olwyn Horwood

With Christmas and all the excitement of the baby I had overlooked the promised giveaway of the Blue Ribbon Sampler book.

I decided last year that all my giveaways should be for my existing followers only, however, as there are quite a few of you that already have this book tucked away and because there are so many who would like to have the chart I thought that I would make an exception for this particular prize.

So in order to qualify I am asking that you post details of the giveaway on your own blog so that as many people as possible get a chance to win (If you don't have a blog just pass it on via facebook, a forum or word of mouth). You don't have to be a follower but it would be nice if you are.

Just leave a comment explaining how you have passed on the news of the giveaway on this post and on February 1st I will draw a name out of the hat for this beautiful chart.

There are further prizes to be won this month on Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year Blog 1 and Blog 2. Yes !!,  there are now two blogs and there are over 160 of us stitching Scarlet Letter Samplers. If you want to join in the fun there is a place for you too.

This month's prizes are a Scarlet Letter chart of your choice, a full yard of Scarlet letter linen of your choice and the gorgeous Jane Atkinson chart. There is also a bonus giveaway.

Dona Dorothea

I am sorry about the awful photographs, I dropped my ipad on Friday and shattered the screen (I will have it back tomorrow repaired) and it is a very dreary wet day so the light is just not here for good photos.

Dona has progressed well despite being side tracked with the baby, I hope to have her finished by the end of the week if all goes to plan.


SDW gets better and better. I love this sampler so much.

I have not finished stitching the motif on the right, it is too big for one stitching session, (which is all I do each week on the SAL) but it is so beautiful.

I had planned to shows lots of photos of the baby and the building work but alas they are on the ipad but I do have one.

He is doing really well and has already put on weight, he likes his bottle and sucks all the time hence the dummy !!!  Thank you for all the lovely cards,  comments and messages of congratulations, they have been much appreciated by us and the proud parents.

Good luck with the giveaway.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx


  1. Oh I love both of our samplers. They are my top 2 favorites on SL. I cannot wait to see how they come along.

    Your grandson looks very content. My little girl never took to a dummy (pacifier). So her parents are very lucky!

  2. I already have the BRS book as you know, so no need to include me in the giveaway. You are such a fast stitcher! I can't believe you're almost done with Dona Dorothea! SDW is going so quickly too, even with just one session a week. Wow! Archie is so cute! Good to hear he's doing well. Bummer about your iPad though. Good that it was just the screen and the iPad is still ok.

  3. Hello Nicola,
    I am Wilma Rutten, living in the Netherlands. Although I have been stitching all my life (mostly samplers) I do not have a blog myself but I have been reading your blog for a long time. When you first showed your progress on the BRS I instantly fell in love with it and started searching for the charts. Unfortunately I never managed to lay hands on it. So your giveaway is a great opportunity for me to try it once again. I would gladly like to participate in this give away.
    I made a list of all my stitching friends and send them an e-mail to tell them about your blog and your fantastic give away.

    Last week I ordered some charts from The Scarlet Letter (one of them is Dona Dorothea), I am looking forward to stitching them as well. I read that it is still possible to join the group for stitching TSL so I think I'm going to join this great group!
    kind regards
    Wilma Rutten

  4. I am a new follower (I follow the SAL blog and Jo's blog...don't know HOW I missed yours!)I don't expect you to include me in your generous giveaway...but I wanted to say, beautiful baby!and a gorgeous finish!

  5. Oh Nicola, your samplers are totally exquisite - you are so clever! I am amazed you are getting so much sewn, what with Your Stitching Year Blogs and Archie!! You are obviously a multi-tasking Superwoman!
    Yes isn't it just the most dreadful wet dark day - I popped into Tavistock this morning and had to re-dry my hair on my return home, ugh!
    Take care now ... xx

  6. Oh sweet Archie! Can't wait to see more pictures.
    Your stitching is beautiful. I especially love Dona Dorothea.

  7. Good morning,
    I love your samplers, they are beautiful! Sounds like your grandson lives close by so you can enjoy him everyday, he is just precious! We are snowed in and my little blog is not working so I am just stitching away.... Have a geat day!

  8. Sorry to hear about the accident with your iPad. Both Dona D. and SDW look fabulous. Please don't include my name in your BRS giveaway. It's a gorgeous sampler but I know that I wouldn't stitch it and the pattern should go to someone who will stitch it right away.
    Archie is adorable.

  9. Oh, little Archie is adorable, Nicola--how you must treasure your time with him!

    Lovely progress on your Dona Dorothea!

  10. Love your stitching work. Very inspiring.

    Aren't babies such a blessing!?!

  11. Beautiful stitching as always, and the babe is just adorable :-)

  12. What a generous giveaway! As you know I already have BRS but I will let others know on my next blog post too. It is a wonderful pattern to have. I hope to do it someday too!

    Your SDW looks amazing. I hope I can catch up to you. I am also amazed that you have Dona Dorothea almost to the finish line.

    Archie looks so adorable and peaceful. Enjoy your day!

  13. Your stitching is absolutely beautiful Nicola.
    Lovely picture of Archie - he is adorable.
    Please don't enter me into the draw.
    I don't have the book but I know that I would never manage to stitch it.

    Margaret x

  14. Beautiful stitching! Samplers are my favorite thing to cross stitch.

  15. That is one lovely sampler! Archie is so sweet, just look at him there. I posted about your giveaway on my blog and gave the Scarlet Letter blogs a plug too while I was at it. :o)

  16. Aww, little Archie is so cuteee.., Nicola--
    Lovely progress on your Dona Dorothea..super sweet stitching..
    Big hugs xxx

  17. I am thrilled to find your blog. I have a passion for stitching samplers and this particular sampler is right in the lines of the type I love most. I have become a follower and look forward to readingmore about your stitching journey. Congratulations on the arrival of the new baby. I have 3 grandchildren who live with us and it is an adventure everyday.
    I will post this giveaway on Stitchmap, my own Yahoo Group. We have many ladies who enjoy counted thread work.

  18. Dona and SDW are looking great, your making great headway on both. Archie is just so cute, they are so precious and the snuggles equal nothing else!
    Please don't enter me into your wonderful giveaway, I wound't have time to stitch such a wonderful sampler and it should go to someone who would love it.

  19. Hi Nicola,
    I'm a follower and would like to be entered in the great chart giveaway, I've posted about it on my blog's right sidebar so people see it every time they visit me. http://wagapapacreations.blogspot.com/

    Dona Dorothea is just amazing, you are doing a good job!

    I'm also having a giveaway on my blog, you can join it if you like it.

    Thanks for the chance.

    Big hugs, xoxo

  20. Beautiful stitching Nicola.
    The picture of little Archie is so cute.
    What fun you must be having, hugs.

  21. Beautiful progress on your samplers! And, such a content, peaceful, and adorable baby!!

  22. Happy new year. Congratulations for the new baby.

  23. Great progress on the samplers Nicola. They are gorgeous. That little one is a sweetie.


  24. Hi Nicola,

    I love your two samplers. Don't know how you get so much stitching time especially with the "little" darling around now. Both samplers are gorgeous, but not quite as gorgeous as Andrew. What a cutie pie!! He must be the apple of Nana's eye.

    Please do not include my name for the drawing of BRS as I'm a lucky owner of the chart. Just need to get it stitched!!

  25. Sorry I typed the baby's name wrong. I know it's Archie and not Andrew.

  26. WOW! Love your Giveaway. Please count me in. I have posted it on the side bar of my blog. As usual
    I love your samplers and they are progressing nicely. And I always look forward to seeing them finished. Little Archie is just gorgeous!

    Take Care. Mary Joan

  27. Archie is a star! Lovely progress on your samplers.

    Stitch well ; )

  28. Beautiful work on Dona Dorothea and SDW.

    Your grandson is looking very cute and peaceful.

  29. What a handsome and contented fellow! Oh such fun to have a little, little one - enjoy!

  30. Beautiful stitching progress and beautiful baby! Do NOT enter me in the BRS draw as I also already own it and will stitch it too someday. I will post about it on my blog this week for you.


  31. Gorgeous! Please include me in the BRS giveaway. I added a link to your giveaway on my Fantastically Stitchy Giveaways portion of my blog: http://justalittlestitchin.blogspot.com. Thanks!

  32. I find it hard to believe that you are finding any time to stitch with such a little cutie nearby! Both samplers are beautiful. Sorry to hear about the iPad, glad you were able to get it repaired. While I do love the sampler, please don't add my name to the contest as I know I would have a hard time finding the time to stitch it.

  33. Both samplers are gorgeous, I especially love Dona!

    Archie is beautiful!


  34. Nicola!! I am going to re-name you the Woman of the Flying Needles!! I have no idea how you stitch so quickly. SDW and Dona Dorothea are both absolutely stunning. Your blog is forcing me to place yet another order with the Scarlet Letter - LOL. What an awesome give-away...please do not enter me, I have way too many items in my stash and seem to be adding more SL...truly hopeless.

    Archie is just darling. Cannot wait to see more pictures.

  35. You are making wonderful progress on both samplers! At the rate I'm able to stitch, it might take me quite a while, but I love SDW more and more! What a sweet, sweet little boy Archie is! :) Feel free to share as many pictures as you can of him!

  36. Hello, I am an Italian stitcher and I'd like to participate.

  37. Beautiful stitching Nicola and such a lovely picture of your grandson

  38. What a beautiful baby grandson. He is just gorgeous. What a generous giveaway you are doing when you could get rather a lot of money for it. I don't need to go in the draw as I already own it. I am considering the Scarlet Letter SAL as I do own a few of the charts. When the family leaves in a few days and I have settled my youngest son into his new digs in the city and I get back here and have a rest then I will consider it.

  39. Ohh your Grandson is so very cute. Congrats.
    I would love a chance to win and stitch The Blue Ribbon Sampler, I love big projects and this looks just fantastic.
    I will post on my blog about your giveaway.

  40. Beautiful progress on your samplers, Nicola!! That little grandson of yours is just too cute.

    I'll pass on the giveaway, but thanks for the opportunity!

  41. He is such a beautiful guy Nicola! He looks so content in the pic.
    Your stitching is so beautiful. Wonderful progress.
    So sorry about your ipad.

  42. Your samplers are just so lovely! I can't imagine how you get them done so quickly! Do you have turbo needles, or do you never sleep? Perhaps you have a dozen servants?
    And the baby looks sooo sweet!

  43. Oh Archie is just beautiful and you can see he has put on weight. I'll opt out of the draw for this one...I really don't have the skills to do something so awesome.

  44. My friend turned me on to your blog and I love it - read every one you send out. I will be at my EGA meeting this Saturday and will spread the word about your giveaway. I have signed up for your years SAL. Haven't started mine yet. Please enter my name in your giveaway.
    Ruth on the First Coast

  45. Beautiful stitches!!
    I just melt whenever I see such beautiful babies!! He sure is adorable!!

  46. I have posted about the giveaway over on Emily's Cupboard.
    It looks stunning finished and framed ;)

  47. Such a lovely sampler! Thanks for offering this give-away. I have posted it on my blog: http://cwkalina.blogspot.com/ (-; Connie

  48. Love the Blue Ribbon Sampler it is stunning. Your other two samplers are looking great and you have made good progress on them. Your new GS is just adorable.

  49. Please count me in your great giveaway, Nicola. I will post on my blog and on my sidebar. http://kittenstitching.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/first-tusal-for-2013-catching-up-with.html

    Archie is getting even cuter and your stitching is exquisite as always.

    hugs, Kaye

  50. I don't already own the Blue Ribbon Sampler but it is a beautiful piece and I'd love to enter your giveaway for a chance to win the chart so that I may stitch it!

    I posted the details on my blog at: http://stampwithjen.typepad.com/stamp_with_jen/2013/01/so-close.html

    I love your Dona Dorothea too, such vibrant colors and that deer is just too fun!!

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  52. I just found your blog and am now a follower. I used to stitch a lot but got away from it. Your work is lovely. Such a great give away. I blog about you giveaway and I also mentioned it on Facebook. Love a chance to win. Thanks.
    Hugs Jackie

  53. Thanks for the baby picture. He is so cute!!!Love seeing your progress on your samplers. It made me pull out Thea Duecks Heirloom Stitching Sampler to do this year...We shall see.

  54. I've become a follower!!! I've also posted on my blog about it here:

    Thanks, it's beautiful.

  55. What a lovely giveaway Nicola! I will post it on my blog. Your progress on Donna is amazing! Little ARchie is soo adorable! kisses for him!!

  56. Both your samplers show some great progress. I love both of them.
    What an adorable child Archie is. A beautiful picture.
    (Don't include me in your giveaway. It's wonderful but I have far too much new stash, lol).

  57. Both of your WIPs are looking fantastic!!! Your grandson is adorable!

  58. j'adore vos broderies elles sont merveilleuses ! le petit bébé est tellement mignon !!!!
    bisous bisous

  59. SDW is such a gorgeous piece. The fabric and fibers are so beautiful. Love seeing the new pictures of Archie.He is adorable. Keep them coming!!!

  60. Beautiful boy, I envy your BRS, I have wanted that chart for so long. Your other samplers are so beautiful as well.

  61. Very cute photo of Archie, he looks very content.

    Both of your samplers are looking gorgeous, great progress

  62. Sweet little baby! Don't include me in the give away.....I just love to come look at your pretty stitching. I am one of your followers also. Hug and kiss that baby for me!

  63. Nicola, your stitching is so incredibly beautiful. How ever do you stitch two such gorgeous designs so quickly? You must spend many long hours stitching.

    Your little grandson is so precious. Our youngest grandson loves his pacifier too, and so did his father as a baby.

    I love the Blue Ribbon Design so much, and would love a chance of being chosen to win it. I will post about your giveaway on my blog too.

    Have a lovely week! Blessings!

  64. The sampler is beautiful as is the baby, I am so happy for you and for your family.

  65. Nicola, Congratulations on your sweet baby boy. He is beautiful, you are blessed.

    I will add info on my blog for your Blue Ribbon Sampler giveaway. What a gorgeous piece!!!

    You certainly are an ambitious stitcher...Dona Dorothea is amazing.

  66. awwww such a cute little baby :D I love the progress you've made on your scarlet letter projects. They look great.

    I've posted about your giveaway on my blog. I love what you did with this chart.

  67. Gorgeous stitching and baby!
    Please enter me in your giveaway, I've added a link on my blog sidebar.

  68. I love the samplers but have to say the baby is the best.
    I don't have this book so I would love to be included in your Giveaway. I am putting a post on my blog so others can find this great giveaway.

    March Ann


  69. Dona is such a treat for the eyes, a checked deer, amazing. I was hooked on your SDW upon seeing that stunning two toned horse. Can't wait to see what will appear next on both. The little guy is just precious. Fyi, I love Blue Ribbon Designs but have the large Bargello Sampler of hers waiting in my basket to be stitched so I will pass on your giveaway. CJ in OK

  70. Dona is such a treat for the eyes, a checked deer, amazing. I was hooked on your SDW upon seeing that stunning two toned horse. Can't wait to see what will appear next on both. The little guy is just precious. Fyi, I love Blue Ribbon Designs but have the large Bargello Sampler of hers waiting in my basket to be stitched so I will pass on your giveaway. CJ in OK

  71. Hope all is well with you and that you are just busy enjoying your grandbaby.


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