Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Thank You Dear Friends

Jane Atkinson - Scarlet Letter

I have been having great fun with Jane and despite not picking up a needle on Friday I am pleased with my progress. I have decided not to stitch the creepy crawly insects and will replace them with ladybirds and bees.

SDW - Scarlet Letter

My sister and her girls came for the weekend, we tired them out with lots of Cornish sea air and they retired early on Saturday night so I managed to get two hours in and a few more letters. Hopefully I will achieve more next Saturday.

Sunday afternoon was spent on Manifesto

Ray thinks this frame is hysterical as my arm span iss not wide enough to tighten it by myself.

Here is my progress after Thursday evening (in lieu of the earlier aborted Sunday session) and this Sunday. It is such a fun stitch.

Libby has always been afraid of Blue but he became her best friend on this visit and bless him he allowed her to pull him around the house and endured lots of cuddles.

Libby adored Archie and was in charge of him. As the weather was nice we ate outside on the beach front in Falmouth.

I love this photograph of Libby and Bethany and will be having it framed.

The girls enjoyed their visit to the farm, there is so much new life there at the moment.

Three lambs were born on the weekend.

We are expecting a new dexter calf any day.

We have been blessed with cold but sunny days since my last post and work has been progressing well on the cottage.

It will be worth it as the views from all living, dining and kitchen areas will be breathtaking.

I have to thank all my wonderful "pin" pals from the bottom of my heart for making my 50th birthday a truly special one. I have been touched by all your birthday wishes, emails, text messages, comments and gifts.

Elizabeth gifted me a  "Nicola" rose which has been planted today where I can see it  from my sun room. Thank you Elizabeth, you know how dear my garden is to me.

Krista sent me a delicious box of chocolates which I am ashamed to admit I have already sampled together with a chocolate delight thread sampler bag from The Gentle Art. I was so touched that Krista has put together a book of by blog posts from 2011.

Margaret sent me a wonderful wooden box of Winter Delights. It is so prettily painted and filled with a matching thread holder, scissors, needle keep and thread winder. I shall have much use from these

Jo sent me a Scarlet Parcel

filled with Scarlet Goodies. I am wearing my badge Jo. 

Barbara sent me a kit of The River, a Scarlet Letter design that is OOP. Barbara stitched this for her daughter and 

I fell in love with it but had been unable to track it down. Barbara came up trumps and found a friend who had the kit in her stash. I cannot wait to start stitching it.

Kathy sent me the kit of Give Thanks and arranged for the chart to be signed by Cynthia. The fabric and silk threads are scrumptious. I truly do give thanks Kathy for all my wonderful friends.

Betty gifted to me a gorgeous pair of scissors and beaded fob and charm, together with a corner gauge which I have not seen before but will be so useful. Betty also included the softest cuddly rabbit for Archie.

Margaret sent me an Inspirations magazine, which is one of my favourite and not always easy to track down in the UK and another magazine which has a very interesting article about Olwyn Horwood. I am looking forward to reading both.

Deanna sent an exciting box of goodies including the Louisa Earle chart which I will greatly enjoy stitching.

Katherine of Windy Ridge Designs sent me some of her own designs. How wonderful to have your own designs published.

Elaine sent me an intriguing package wrapped in the most delicious fabric.

Inside were two charts, one for a quilt from Don't Look Now. This is a must do project for Archie and the other a Heartstring sampler for me.

Faye  wowed me with one of her accessory pouches.

Faye puts so much attention to detail into her finishes. I love the little charm attached to the zipper.

My initial is absolutely charming and in Scarlet too, look at the little flowers.

Ellen has spoilt me with three of her own charts. They are beautifully designed with excellent instructions.

Angie who is a very gifted quilter made a glasses case for me and sent me Jean Baggott's book The Girl on the Wall which I having been looking forward to reading.

June sent me a sweet wooden angel "50 and nifty" I have a place already to hang her. June makes wonderful ornaments and I will have great pleasure using the pin cushion. The address book and pen will be put to use straight away. 

Dawn sent a gift voucher for The Scarlet Letter, what fun I am going to have choosing some charts. 

I have to finish today with a photo of Archie

He is thriving, we feel so blessed to have him in our family. 

Much love and hugs to each and every one of you.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx