Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

The Blue Ribbon Sampler by Olwyn Horwood

I had an early Christmas present from my framers, a two day turn around !!!! I have also received a lovely email from Olwyn which I will attach to the back of the frame for prosperity.

I have been holding off posting hoping to have some news of the expected arrival. We had a false alarm this morning but what is a pregnancy without one or two of those.

Not too much stitching has gone on over Christmas but I do have some progress to show you.

Dona Dorothea

I have struggled with Dona Dorothea, why I do not know but I guess some samplers go like that. I think that it is probably because we have had some sort of virus over the holiday season.

Dona Dorothea

She is has some vibrant colours that show off the silks.

Dona Dorothea

The stag motif caught my eye this first time I saw her.

Dona Dorothea

I adore all the animals.


I just love the SDW sampler and as the motifs develop I find my needle is flying. I could sit all day and stitch her. 

I have received some wonderful gifts from my pin pals and here they are in order of arrival.

Elaine of emilyscupboard sent me some gorgeous silks, the colours are so beautiful and these will be used very quickly. Thank you Elaine.

Next to arrive was a parcel from Michele of stitchingcatsandchickens. There was a present for me

 and for the baby

The bunny slippers are so cute and the little hat is adorable. Kate and Chris love them. Thank you so much dear friend.

Next was a beautiful biscornu and some gorgeous linen from Sharon of shebafudge

It is beautifully stitched and I will treasure it. Sharon chose the pattern for me very carefully and it is exactly what I like. 

Thank you Sharon.

Finally I received a pattern from Shirlee from The Easily Influenced Stitcher. Thank you my friend.

Shirlee writes a brilliant blog and has a wicked sense of humor. Well worth a visit.

The weather has not be kind over Christmas and on Christmas Eve the tree surgeons had to come in to attend to an ancient pine.

We were concerned that all the rain water which was hanging around in the garden had weakened the roots. The surgeon thought that it would be alright but took some of the branches off to alleviate the weight nearest the cottage.

Blue and Poppy have ate well over Christmas and have done a lot of sleeping.

I think that we will all need to loose a few pounds in the New Year.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx