Saturday, 25 October 2014

November Check In

Winter has gently arrived on the Lizard Peninsuar after a long and glorious summer. Certainly one to remember fondly.

I like all the seasons for varying reasons and for me one of the attractions of winter (athough it can also be a down side) are the wild storms we experience. Sat tucked up safe and warm in Trewoon with a warm drink, the log burner and my stitching it is so exhilarating watching the sea toss and turn with big waves crashing onto the cove below.

This rosy picture is imagined before storm season - during or after a bad storm I will be looking forward to the return of summer.

Winter nights usually bring wonderful sunsets and  more stitching time and I have so many projects stacking up. I wish you could put more stitching time on your list for Santa !!!

Elizabeth Cox - Scarlet Letter

My current project is Elizabeth Cox which I put to one side to work on the model of Eleanor Parr. 

I had intended to stitch a hardanger/drawn thread project before picking her back up but she was calling so loudly to me so only a little progress has been made on Ivory Blush by Judy Dixon

My other current project is a heavily appliqued quilt, a few blocks have been stitched. Excuse the sags and creases but it has been pinned very quickly onto my design board.

The fun part will come after the quilt has been top quilted and then I can get really creative with embellishments which will include beads, buttons, ribbons, vintage lace, minature pegs and even some string for a washing line. Such fun !!!

I have acquired a few antique samplers this year including the Calcutt pair - both stitched by Lucy aged 8 and 9.

There is so much that appeals with these. I do hope that they will be reproduced.

I have just started the American Sampler by Sandy Orton which will be my weekend project so not much progress to show. 

The American Sampler - Sandy Orton

I am afraid I do not have any photos to include on this post of my walks on the Lizard. It's a long story but I lost the entire contents of a camera card.

I have been using Facebook more lately as a weekly check in on stitching projects so please send me a friend request if you are active on Facebook.