Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Well Overdue Post

Ellen Gregson 

October 1st - where has the year gone?  It certainly has been  busy one. Lots of exciting happenings the most recent being my acquisition of Ellen Gregson.

Ellen Gregson

She is a beauty and Marsha Parker of The Scarlet Letter has agreed to chart her so we will all be able to share her.

Ellen Gregson

This charming pastoral scene is my favourite. The animals dressed in human clothing and poses are very Beatrix Potter.

Eleanor Parr is finished and at the framers - I will be posting more information and photos very soon. She is a stunner.

Archie continues to grow and flourish. He is very much a "doer" and likes to be busy outside on the farm.

He helped bring in the hay and with the building work

The Tall Ships came to Falmouth at the end of August and we took to the water to form part of the flotilla that accompanied them out of the Fal to start the race to the Isle of Wight.

They were a magnificent sight.

Seeing them from another boat gave you a true sense of their size.

So many of the small boats were crammed with people.

Music was playing and several boats were partying. The atmosphere was electric.

Ray took the laid back approach.

My parents have been visiting and by Father at 87 years fulfilled a life long ambition to fly a Boeing 747. 

Well not quite - we treated him to a lesson in a flight simulator.

He thoroughly enjoyed his day captaining the plane to Munich and Strasbourg with two landings and take offs. Ray took the jockey seat behind and said that it was all very real, there was even turbulence as they hit clouds..

I am now trying to find where he can try out a fighter jet simulator for his 88th birthday.

I attended a Papercraft workshop making this little bottle holder and next week I will be making  a double picnic basket. Both I intend to fill with homemade preserves and give as Christmas presents.

Time for Blue and Poppy's walk now.