Sunday, 2 March 2014

Walking in the rain

Band five is complete. I am sorry for the awful photo, the light is so bad today.

The wet weather is back and it has rained long and hard today. We ventured out for a quick walk and once again had the beach all to ourselves.

Poppy and Blue both like to dig in the sand but it has all been washed away.

It was definitely a day for the dogs to have their warm, waterproof coats on. The rain was icy cold and felt like hail at times.

We needed our waterproofs onto. I took this accidental selfie on my phone whilst trying to photograph this.

A huge chunk of the coastal path has been washed away. You can see in the top right hand corner where the path down to tthe beach has been closed. You can also see Ray (just) in the top left hand corner.

The sea is so powerful and has dragged the sand from the beach. The fence you can see is the boundary of the golf course.

The exposed stones have some interesting shapes and layers.

It always amazes me how life can spring from nothing. It gives such hope but then we saw this.

Since last Sunday a wreath had been laid on the headland. I do not know of anyone who has died here. I wondered afterwards if someone's ashes had been scattered.

We were very wet and cold when we got home. Poppy and Blue enjoyed a rub down with the towels we had left warming on the AGA and we thawed out with hot showers and  a good old cup of tea.