Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Catching Up

How quickly the weeks can pass by. Why as you get older does time pass more quickly?

I have been busy stitching but during the last week life seemed to be getting in the way for various reasons. It is surprising how events can change plans.

We have had two jackdaws visit us by gaining entry down a chimney - what damage they wrought !! It took us six hours to clean up the bird poo and associated mess. We are left with broken ornaments, photo frames and staining to curtains, sofas, chairs, cushions, rugs and lamp shades. Fortunately our insurance policy covers us for this damage.

The exciting event was a visit to the V & A and a meeting with some of my "pin" pals. It was meant to be for a viewing of samplers but turned into a surprise birthday celebration.

I felt so blessed to receive an amazing gift made with love, generosity and the warmth of friendship.

Krista with the support of Jo and Elaine organized this STUNNING surprise. Elaine also assembled the quilt. I had no idea whatsoever.

 They collected 48 squares with Scarlet Letter motifs... AMAZINGLY from 44 different Scarlet Letter samplers!  

It was a worldwide effort with 9 countries over 6 continents represented! Australia, Canada, France, Scotland, Spain, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and in the United States, 21 different states!  

I cannot put into words how touched I was. This quilt will be treasuerd forever and I feel very emotional every time I look at it.

The surprises didn't stop there. I was blessed to receive the Betsy Davies sampler stiched and personalised by Marsha Parker the designer of the Scarlet Letter

and a lovely coffee table book showing the construction and indivdual samplers that went into the quilt put together by Krista

Krista has also made a video about the quilt and if you are interested you  can follow this link to the orginal post.

I have been cherishing my time with Archie.  Here he is with my son and daughter-in-law.

He is fascinated with ipads and iphones, last week I Facetimed my parents so that they could chat with him and when the call was ended he played with my ipad on my lap and took this selfie

A bit too much of a close up for my wrinkles !!! He then proceeded to Facetime Debbie in Ohio - thankfully the time difference didn't make it night time. I would of been mortified to wake someone up.

We have been trying to get a walk in most days. There is always something beautiful to see.

These aren't beautiful but were something we had never seen before.

It turns out they are a fungi. 

Despite Spring having been here for a few weeks now the coastal paths have not recovered from the wind damage.

It is wonderful to have such huge expanses to explore and often at this time of year meet no-one.

I started this post with a close up of Band 4 on Ellenor Wycks. Here is an overall photo of my progress so far.

I have now switched to EK 1653 even though it is hard to leave Ellenor.

I have spent sometime with my sewing machine and have nearly finished this cute little cushion. Just the buttons to sew on now ready for Easter.

It is a design by Jo from The Cowslip Studio which is situated in Cornwall. Jo makes the most wonderful quilts. Next week Mary Berry is visiting for a cookery demonstration at The Cowslip and  I am so excited to be attending and meeting someone I have admired for many years. I have her books ready to take with me hopefully to be autographed.

Until next time ......