Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Quilting Finish

There isn't much patchwork in this quilt but I am very pleased with the results. I have made it for a newly refurbished holiday cottage. I needed a thow for the sofa that had both lime green and taupe in it.

I happened to see both pieces of the extra wide Amy Butler fabric in a sale and bought two metres of each. I am making a second quilt in a reverse of the way used on this one. I will be able to swop them over between guests to launder.

For once the two quilts will have worked out very reasonably. Quilting can be so expensive at times.

I used a varigated Gutterman Sulky thread and had dreadful problems with the first reel. The thread felt very thick and kept breaking on my machine. I changed to a needle with a larger eye but that did not make any difference. I was on the verge of unpicking all I had quilted when I tried another reel and found it to be much finer. I double checked the reels and they were lablled up the same.

Most odd !!!

Until the next time