Monday, 26 March 2012

Walk with the knowledge that you are never alone

Hoopoe  in the gardens of By The Seashore Poldhu Cove Lizard Cornwall photographed by

I have not been a good blogger lately as I have had a lot on my plate but hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

I had two lovely surprises on Friday when I received gifts from  Vickie and NatalyK

Vickie sent me a card with lovely note and chart. Thank you, thank you Vickie I will certainly be stitching this up.

I was very fortunate to be one of the winners for Natalys giveaway. This beautiful card arrived with a handmade needle keep with these beautiful pins which Nataly also made. I will cherish them Nataly and will be keeping them to go in my "Cabinet of Curiosities".

Ray has had to go back and forth to Wales over the last few weeks and this weekend I decided to fill my time by walking with Poppy and Blue and photographing birds.

 Predannack Downs, Lizard Peninsula photographed by 

Saturday we walked Predannack Downs

 Predannack Downs, Lizard Peninsula photographed by 

It is a huge area that belongs to the National Trust and we didn't see a soul. We were walking for hours and when we got back home the three of us had a long sleep.

Sunday I wanted to photograph some wildfowl so we went to the reed beds at Gunwalloe. Again we spent several  hours walking in some very muddy conditions and when we got back home what did we see in our own garden - a Hoopoe !!!! This is  a very rare bird for the UK and has been blown off course, It should be in Italy at this time of year.

The weather has continued to be warm and sunny so today we went to Loe Pool  to walk around the lake.

Pochard  on the Lizard Peninsula photographed by 

I love this bird's expression.

 photographed by 

Bottoms up !

 photographed by 

I have been trying to capture birds in flight and maintain focus. It is not easy.

 photographed by 

The emerald green of this bird's plumage is amazing. Oh to have silk that shimmers so beautifully.

 photographed by 

The Cormorant is beautifully marked.

Cormorant on the Lizard Peninsula photographed by 

Asleep in the sunshine.

photographed by 

Angry at being woken.

photographed by 

A mute swan.

Mute swan on the Lizard Peninsula photographed by 

I have been experimenting with some close up shots. This was taken with a zoom lens.

photographed by 

I used a macro lens for the butterfly and

photographed by 

the dandelion.

photographed by 

and finally this little green finch has been visiting the feeders today. I love his expression.

Greenfinch photographed by in the garden of By The Seashore Poldhu Cove Lizard Cornwall.

I have not been able to do much stitching on Ann Medd since I last posted, I am now on the second "Y" verse and will hopefully post some photos later in the week when there is more progress.

Whilst writing this post I have had a telephone call from Ray that he will be able to come home tomorrow. Hurray !!

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx