Monday, 28 November 2011

My First Post

My first post has been a long time coming. I have surprised myself about how nervous I have been about posting. Well here goes:-

I thought that I would start my blog with a post about cross stitching as it was through this that my love of needle work started.

Sometime in the 1990's I came across, by chance, a cross stitch magazine in a waiting room and whilst flicking through read an article about Moira Blackburn.

Looking at the pictures of Moira's work I decided that I wanted to have a go at stitching a sampler and I went home and bought one of her chart kits.

Since then I have stitched all of her designs and have had great pleasure both in the many hours spent working them and looking at them framed on the walls of my home.

Three Things by Moira Blackburn

I retired a few years ago and since then have had the time to explore other forms of needle work. I enjoy hardanger, blackwork, quilting and knitting. I am hoping to start my first needlepoint project in the New Year.

In 2011 I have focused on designs by Victoria Sampler and The Sweetheart Tree and my big project of  "A Dutch Beauty" by Permin.

Through my blog  I am hoping to meet other needleworkers and share my journey of learning new skills and improving my existing sewing skills.