Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Decorating Trewoon for Christmas

I had a busy day yesterday decorating Trewoon for Christmas. It took all day  and I was exhausted at the end but it was worth it.

As I unpacked the decorations happy memories of  Christmases past flooded back. Our Angel for the top of the tree is now looking very old but I cannot replace her. My MIL bought this for us for our first Christmas together.

I love garlands and use them where ever I can

I love small Christmas trees and wreaths as well and put them where ever I can

Poppy and Blue are fascinated by the baubles on the trees as they think that they are balls for them to play with.

The weather is very wild and stormy today so I have decided to light the fire and settle down to an afternoon of stitching.

I am starting the last page of the Dutch Beauty Sampler. I will be pleased to finish this one as it seems to have gone on for ever. Although I like the piece the 13 or so colours become very boring after a while.

I am starting to think about what my next project is going to be. I have so many I want to do, it's difficult to decide. I think that I will start another big one but vary my stitching with some smaller pieces.

Best wishes from By The Seashore