Sunday, 19 April 2015

An April Update.

Mary Hurst from The Scarlet Letter

Mary is growing each week and new stitches are being learnt. She is going to be a long sampler but I have the perfect spot waiting for her to be hung.

I have just reached this point.

My sampler Martha Allis is currently being reproduced by The Scarlet Letter and I have been busy researching Martha's history on the internet and at the Record Office and what a fascinating one it is too.

Martha Allis 1770

We have been very busy the last few weeks and our social activities have included a trip to the theatre to see Blood Brothers. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The weather has been wonderful at Poldhu Cove and we have already seen temperatures into the twenties at Trewoon.

Poppy has been sunbathing !!!! 

Blue has not been himself and our wonderful Vet has been doing some tests. I wonder if he is feeling his age, it is hard work following his Mummy around all day no matter what she is doing.

We enjoyed the Masters last weekend and although there were no green jackets to be won at Mullion Golf Club Ray and his team won their competition this week. 

We received a lovely surprise is week - a photograph of Trewoon taken from a drone, whatever next !!!

Trewoon Poldhu Cove Lizard CornwalllLuxury seaside cottages

Today we woke to another glorious spring day with a beautiful blue sky.

Our walk today was inland and who could resist walking a blossom lined footpath 

which leads to a series of lush green fields.

 where Poppy and Blue can enjoy running off their leads.

They were ready for some shade when we got back home but Blue was still working looking after his Mummy as those naughty seagulls are on the roof again !!!!