Thursday, 30 May 2013

An overdue update

Grazing Sheep

I have been introduced to Candy Crash and Monkey Quest and much time has been spent on the computer rather than with my needle. 

I could not resist adding a black sheep, you have to have a rebel in the flock.

Grazing Sheep

I have used Rainbow Gallery "Wisper" which is a mohair thread for the fleeces. The specified stitch was bullion which I enjoy and have done a lot of on other projects  but I substituted this with a mixture of french and colonial knots to create a similar texture to my son's sheep. 

I am pleased with the effect. 

A badger update - Hop-a-Long Cassie(the three good legged one) is doing well and in addition to visiting the Chocolate Box she now comes to my house and By The Seashore so is being well fed.

The bird box is occupied again this year, we have a camera and microphone linked to our TV. This shows seven eggs but a further one has been laid and a Blue Tit is sitting on them. Last year we had seven and five successfully flew the next.

I have a new strain of Poppies in a flower bed, for some strange reason she does like to sit in odd places watching the world go by.

It is a beautiful day at Poldhu Cove and we have been out walking this morning.

Ray' s nautical adventure is going well although he has still got engine niggles and has been unable to blog due to poor internet connections.

Here is a selection of photos around the lochs and shores of Scotland.

Today they are travelling along Loch Ness. Ray's grandchildren are on the boat this week and they are on monster watch. The first one to spot Nessie wins a prize :o))

This looks like paradise. 

 Here they are racing the Hogwart's Express.

 Negotiating one of the many canal lochs.

Those colours are real as taken with an iphone.

 I am missing him dreadfully now, a month is a long time and there is another one to go :o(( 

Ray has used a washing machine and a vacuum cleaner for the first time in his life (seriously) it was quite funny hearing him say that he had separated his whites and colours. I have told him I want lots of demonstrations when he gets home.