Friday, 27 April 2012

A Perfect Day

We had the most perfect day imaginable for Kate and Christopher's wedding. It was a day filled with love, laughter and much happiness.

We have had a house full of family and friends for a week so although the week has gone very quickly it seems as if the celebrations have been going on for some time.

When Chris was in Haberdashers Monmouth School he was a boarder and made very good friends with Tom (his best man), Tom (2), Richard and Max and the five of them were more like brothers and were inseparable. I was so pleased that all the boys were here for the wedding and it was like old times when I used to bring them home from school for the weekends.

This picture of them having breakfast on the morning of the wedding could have been taken 15 years ago. They used to eat me out of house and home then and I was pleased to see that their appetites hadn't changed.

When they were 17/18 immediately after their A Levels they went to Europe for the summer in an old Landrover and it was touching that they all left for the church together in an old Landrover.

Tom's girlfriend Lindsey accompanied them. You can see that Tom has a broken foot.

Here I am with my niece Claudia, my mother Viviana and my middle sister Luciana. Vittoria my baby sister had not arrived as her two daughters Bethany and Libby were a bridesmaid and flower girl and she was with Kate helping them get ready.

At the rehearsal Tom managed, in true Tom style, to pull the ribbon off the ring bearer's pillow when removing the rings so I thought it best to use pearl pins instead.

Here I am with my step daughter Suzi.

and Ray.

I love this family picture of us with Chris and Tom. Tom practically lived with us on weekends whilst they were in school and came with us on so many holidays that he is very much part of our family.

The church is very old and there is no vehicular access to the church itself so there is a beautiful narrow lane that you have to walk along. Here is Kate with her father Neil. Neil was very proud of his daughter and beamed with pride and happiness all day.

There was a little drizzle at this time but it didn't spoil anything.

Kate didn't realise that here garter had fallen down as she was walking and her bridesmaids picked it up and came running after her.

It made her a few minutes late getting it back on but every bride should be a little bit late. The laughter this caused helped Kate with her nerves.

The churchyard was filled with wild primroses, so beautiful.

I do not have the official photographs yet so there are none to show of the ceremony today as only the wedding photographer was allowed to take pictures during the service.

This was the last one we could take at the start.

Here we are as the register was signed.

We had great fun throwing confetti.

I couldn't resist putting some down Christopher's back.

The happy couple.

The marquee was decorated like a fairy tale and was filled with gorgeous sweet smelling flowers.

I smiled so much throughout the day.

Chris and Kate like to do their own thing and as they are great lovers of cheese they decided to have a wedding cake make up from rolls of specialty cheeses from local farms. This cheese was later served with vintage port.

We had a top table and then circular tables for our guests.

The were jars of Kate's favorite sweets scattered around the tables and jam jars with tea lights that the children that Kate works with had hand painted for her. These looked particularly pretty in the evening.

We were so happy.

When Kate and Chris became engaged I gave Chris a ring for Kate that Ray had given me many years before.

These are all flowers that grow wild in Cornwall.

The three flowers girls stole the show and entertained the wedding guests with their dancing and games. I am not sure what happened to the headdresses but they all wore flowers in their hair. My niece Libby is the one with short hair.

My Mum loves this picture of her with me and my sisters.

and all her grandchildren.

Abbie and Cassie came to the wedding,Wellie stayed home with Blue and Poppy. They had new collars and bows for the occasion.

Kate and Chris had their first dance to Eric Clapton's Layla.

My two nieces. Bethany changed out of her bridesmaid's dress but Libby loved wearing hers and I am sure that she will be dressing up in it for as long as it fits her. She thought she had become a princess.

Ray and Suzi together. It is a shame that you cannot see Suzi's dress, it was beautiful.

The day was over far too quickly. On Monday we took Chris and Kate to the train station to start their honeymoon.  Kate's parents and my mother and father came too.

They traveled to London and then flew to Hong Kong, they leave there tomorrow and will be flying to Bali for two weeks.

We have had lots of messages via the internet and they are having a wonderful time.

I will post more pictures  when the official photos are available. We had a fun photo booth with funny hats, props and wigs for guests to dress up in so there should be some amusing photos.

Warm Wishes from Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore Nicola xxx