Friday, 25 March 2016

Preserving our heritage

In the United Kingdon The National Trust works very hard to preserve and protect historic places and spaces - for ever, for everyone.


The Trust’s textile collections are of international importance, numbering nearly 100,000 individual items, the majority of these precious, and often unique objects, remain on display in the houses for which they were made or acquired.

You can view details of the individual tapestries HERE.

The trust's textile collection boast a wide range of styles, materials and techniques. From grand furnishings such as state beds with rich hangings and trimmings to fine tapestries and costumes, they all help us connect directly with the people of our past.


The Textile Conservation Studio in Norfolk is the National Trust’s only in house conservation treatment facility. The National Specialist Textile Conservation Adviser is based at the Studio, working with a team of professionally trained and accredited conservators.


The studio is not generally open to the public but offer a limited amount of groups tours per year for a maximum of 25 people. The tour lasts for approximately 1½ hours. This is a rare chance to see objects close up and to talk to the conservators involved about their work.

They also offer the opportunity to visit the studio as part of Heritage Open Days. Individual places have to be pre-booked.

Conservation staff are happy to give talks to local groups about aspects of their work. This can range from the Trusts textiles in general, life as a conservator or about specific conservation projects. A fee for this is normally charge to cover time and expenses.

If there is enough interest in visiting the studio in 2017 we can look into arranging a tour.


There is a very interesting series of three videos  explaining the conservation work they carry out.